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Ronnie Perkins Scouting Profile

"Undersized DE with a big time motor and speed that produced, but he's not likely to find his athleticism as much of a mismatch advantage as a pro."



Sudden and relentless off the edge. Wins utilizing quickness and leverage. Showed improved hand work to keep clean as a junior. Plenty of speed, with change of direction and pursues all over the field.

Flashes ability to shed and finish. Recognition steadily improved as a junior. Generally a strong motor.



Struggles to set the edge. Power and length occasionally destroy him off the snap. Recognition appeared to improve as a junior but can fly up and leave the gates wide open behind him.

Inconsistent finding the ball. Shows stiffness and lacks ideal flexibility for a rush LB. Suspended to start his junior year for that THC.

Perkins can often be a liability vs the run. At Kansas St (19') he was regularly thrown off the poa.



Perkins is an averaged sized LB up in a three point stance at the los with a great motor. Closing speed and improved hand work translated to his best, albeit covid shortened, season as a junior.

A liability as a run defender as a sophomore, he's improved but still can get rolled at the poa. His speed serves him well but he's not especially fluid or violent with his hands. If he can't win off the snap with quickness he's generally not making an impact.

I think he's a try hard guy that flashes sound technique and finishing speed but could get over-drafted based on elite production. He won't find his athleticism as much of a mismatch advantage against better pro lineman and doesn't have the size to rely strictly on technique.

NFL Comp. Ronnell Lewis



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