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Rashawn Slater Scouting Profile

"Shaped like a OG but has the feet of an elite LT. He isn't an explosive people mover at the poa but shines out in space"



Technically sound blocker with elite coordination. Quick, light feet and sets with balance. Solid upper body strength and arm length. Can anchor effectively.

Shines out in space taking out targets.



Just adequate length and initial quickness. Not a bully in the run game.



Slater's shaped like a OG but has the feet and athleticism of an elite LT. Impressive mobility and sound technique, he rarely loses on the edge in the pass game.

Solid in the run game as well but isn't an explosive people mover. Arguably the best pass pro OT in this class and will be one of the first non skill players off the board.

NFL Comp. Duane Brown



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