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Matthew Bergeron Scouting Report

"Cat quick with great range and an attitude but doesn't sustain and gets thrown around by strength."



Cat quick lineman with an attitude. Sets and fires out quickly and finds targets at the second level. Good lateral agility. Mean and looks to finish blocks through the whistle.

Flashes ability to pass protect and run block, in particular, at a high level. Experienced at left and right tackle.



Can't sustain blocks and can gets blown backwards by good power. Plays short armed with shoddy technique. Somewhat mechanical feet in pass pro.



Bergeron has all the athleticism and attitude you want out of an offensive lineman. He's quick into his stance, can protect the edge with proper solid technique and is often a dominant force in the running game.

The catch is that he's under-powered in his upper body and gets thrown around by strength. He routinely struggles to sustain blocks and doesn't have a consistent anchor. If his technique strays even a little, he's lifted back into the pocket.

With added strength and precise technique he's potentially a solid starting OT or OG but right out of the gate he's a probably a liability at either spot with his strength concerns.

NFL Comp: Charles Leno



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