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Kyle Hamilton Scouting Report

"Uniquely fluid 6'4 single high safety with awareness and man cover ability. If there's a rub it's that he's finesse and not as fast as advertised."



Extreme length center fielder with fluidity and awareness. Diagnoses quickly and fires to the ball. Gets in passing lanes in zone and has solid man cover ability.

Possesses easy change of direction and loose hips. Generally a sound last line tackler. Mature with leader attributes.



Lightweight despite his size and often takes the worst of collisions. Tackling technique isn't ideal. Pursuit angles can get shoddy.

Can get hung up in trash. Straight line speed wasn't as advertised at the combine & pro day.



Hamilton's a uniquely fluid 6'4 single high safety with good awareness. He's flashed sound man cover ability. He reads quickly and closes to the ball in a flurry.

He's generally a sound drag down tackler but he has a tendency to miss the ideal target area at the contact point and can fall off or miss elusive targets. Despite being an oversized safety, he's finesse and usually takes the worst of big collisions.

He's not the unicorn of a freak athlete that many expected, but he's agile, quick to diagnose and has team leader qualities.

NFL Comp: bigger Justin Simmons



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