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Joe Burrow Scouting Report

"Icy, poised passer and sudden scrambler with toughness, that's something between a swaggering Matt Cassel and a taller Tony Romo, and is especially pro ready"



Icy poised passer and sudden runner, scrambler with toughness. Clutch, clutch, clutch. Adept scrambling in and out of the pocket and buys time while maintaining field vision. Impressive pocket presence, can feel the pocket and get the ball out.

Progression reader with ideal poise. Generally strong ball placement and accuracy. Can throw guys open and anticipate. Mastered a pro spread scheme and dominated. Great character guy with leadership qualities and resiliency.



Deep ball accuracy isn't great. Not a particularly quick delivery or great velocity. Older than ideal. Essentially a one year wonder.



Showed noteworthy poise and pocket mobility during one of the greatest college seasons from a QB ever. Fearless testing windows; willing to give his receivers a chance.

More often than not a running QB, but looks so much like a pocket QB that he regularly surprised defenses with his legs. Always aware of his outs and checkdowns and gets the ball out of his hand if his down field target isn't there.

Burrow is something between a swaggering Matt Cassel and a taller Tony Romo. He's impressively pro ready after running, now Carolina OC, Joe Brady's offense to a T. The number one obstacle for him will be adjusting to the speed of the pros since his mobility is such a key part of his success.

NFL Comp. taller Tony Romo



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