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Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Scouting Report

"Safety sized LB with explosive mobility that plays the game like a homerun hitter. He either knocks it out the park or strikes out."



Safety sized linebacker with explosive A to B athletic ability, burst and hyper aggression. Pursues with his hair on fire. Good mobility in space and improved his coverage ability as a junior.

Experience lining up in the box, in the slot and out wide. Marked improvement in coverage as a junior bodes well. Blistering, disruptive blitzer. A special teams demon.



Lacks instincts and struggles to finish. Tackling technique is poor and he lets too many slip away. Anticipation is hit or miss. Struggles to play through blocks. Can struggle in man coverage.

Owusu-Koramoah flies to the ball but can lack body control. In the slot here he buzzes directly for the blocker, taking himself out of the play and opening up a chunk play behind him.

Again here in the slot vs Georgia, in his aggressiveness to make a play he finds the blocker instead of the ball carrier.



A whirlwind with poor instincts. JOK takes big swings and occasionally hits it out the park but also has a lot of strike outs. He flashes but isn't a finisher and leaves plays on the field. His athletic profile and aggression are Polamalu-esque but his lack of anticipation severely limits his overall impact.

He relishes collisions but doesn't regularly win them, struggles to wrap up and lets elusive guys slip out. Bursts to confrontations but loses sight of the ball. Subbed out on 3rd and long as a sophomore, he's improved his zone coverage markedly as a junior but can still struggle in man, despite his physical tools.

If a coach and scheme can polish JOK's raw ability he'll be a defensive star. Barring that, he's a taller Jabrill Peppers.

NFL Comp. 6'1 Jabrill Peppers



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