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Javonte Williams Scouting Profile

"Fierce power back with open field skills and soft hands. Put up highlight reel runs in 2020 but he lacks explosion and gears."



Power back with open field running ability and receiving skills. Breaks tackles with impressive contact balance and pad level. Soft hands.

Solid pass pro blocker. Solid vision and patience. Consistently falls forward and gets tough yards.


Williams has good wiggle for such a physical tackle breaker.



Lacks a good first step and struggles to turn the corner. Ball security isn't the greatest.



Williams had a breakout season for the Tarheels and looked faster and stronger than the year before. He eventually started over his more explosive teammate Carter by being a more reliable chain mover and pass pro blocker.

While he collected plenty highlights this year of yards after contact and is a solid all around back he just isn't especially explosive. He's a slow, power back that lacks gears.

His versatility on 3rd downs offers a nice wrinkle but he's not really scaring anyone in the open field that can actually tackle.

NFL Comp. slower Josh Jacobs



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