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Jackson Carman Scouting Profile

"Thick, athletic, angry blocker that lacks precision outside and experience inside but to his credit he generally gets the job done."



Thick, athletic blocker with better mobility than his size suggests. Naturally powerful and generates movement at the poa. Angry finisher that plays through the whistle.

Fires his hands and can rag doll guys at the los. Gets to the second level with pace and mushes opponents in space. Recovers effectively.



Feet and balance aren't the greatest. Technique is a work in progress. Not precise with his hand usage and has room to improve there. Has fat potential.



Carman's power, length and athletic ability stand out despite his inconsistencies. His balance and hand work is often a struggle but to his credit he generally gets the job done. He's able to recover with solid burst and hustle.

He's got some Orlando Brown to his game in that his intuitive ability, length and power often offset his limitations. That said, he still may end up a more comfortable fit inside for teams.

NFL Comp. Cordy Glenn



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