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Emmanuel Forbes Scouting Report

"Long levered corner with ball skills, anticipation, top tier speed and suddenness but is feather thin and a reckless, shoddy tackler."



Quick twitch athlete with top tier speed and suddenness. High mark ball skills with long arms. Clicks & closes in a flash and shows aggression to the ball.

Shows route recognition and solid awareness. Can carry speed guys in man. Productive playmaker on the ball. Tested like an elite athlete.



Feather thin and gets bullied by size. Reckless, leaky tackling technique and routinely misses opportunities for stops.



Forbes is an extra lean, long levered corner with ball skills and good anticipation. He's aggressive in coverage and twitchy enough to stay with most guys. He's a scrappy competitor but physically he can be thrashed in all aspects.

He's potentially a liability in run defense and carries higher injury risk then some others because of his aggressiveness.

NFL Comp: faster Greedy Williams



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