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DeVonta Smith Scouting Profile

"Wiry, explosive WR with Hall of Fame attributes that's only weakness is that he's a flyweight."



Wiry WR with top tier suddenness, toughness and hands. Elite quickness and change of direction. Gets to top speed in a hiccup. Deceptive route runner that was often undefendable.

Elusive runner in space and a big time yac and return threat. Strong hands and can snatch in traffic. Bails out the QB making high degree difficult catches behind, over and under. Massive production two straight years on a loaded WR room.



Clear lightweight that can struggle to get back up after a knockdown.



Smith's been the best Alabama receiver for two straight years on a WR room crowded with 1st round talents. He's a wisp but extraordinarily strong and attacks the ball.

Impressive foot quickness, lateral agility and core strength on his releases and isn't easy to jam. Gets out the gate in space and can run away from most anyone. If a team has the guts he could also be a threatening return man.

He's even covered on special teams and looked like a star gunner. Smith has HOF attributes and appears to only be potentially limited by his ability to handle grown man physicality.

NFL Comp. 6'1 Emmanuel Sanders



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