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Devon Witherspoon Scouting Report

"Tactile, heat seeker that expertly anticipates in coverage and relishes physical confrontations. All pro ability at multiple positions in the secondary but will need to overcome size/speed limitations."



Tactile, heat seeker that relishes physical confrontations. Physical at the poa and throughout the route. Flashes a devastating jab. Bad intentions hitter but is measured and also a solid open field tackler.

Closes in a flash playing off and consistently competes at the catch point. Anticipates expertly in man and can blanket lesser opponents. Forever motor.

Anticipation, hustle and angriness describes a good portion of Witherspoon's game. He's at RCB in this gif grain.

At RCB here. Devastating punch, recovers in man, gets to the catch point for the pd and let's his oponent know about it.



Lacks ideal speed and his transitions are tight. Extra physical and a potential pi magnet. DB hands and not a playmaker. Potentially zone scheme limited or even require a switch to safety.



Witherspoon is a throwback type DB that relishes contact and brings elite short area burst and anticipation in coverage. He's skillfully tactile throughout the route and typically wins contested catch situations. He's versatile enough to play outside CB, slot, or either safety spot.

The drawbacks are that he's not quite a burner and shows tight hips out of his transitions. Speed and sheer size will likely be a struggle and might prompt the need to play inside a specific scheme. He's a versatile talent wherever he lives and carries the ability to be an attitude setter for a defense.

NFL Comp: Devin McCourty



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