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Desmond Ridder Scouting Report

"Elite tools QB prospect that can be a dual threat when afforded space and time but tends to shrink when things get pressurized."



Whip delivery with a strong arm. Shoots lasers and can fit it into tight windows. Twitch runner with open field speed. Progression reader and sees the field.

Rumored in week preparer that sits in on coaches meetings. Offers plenty of experience. Mature and durable.

Ridder is unquestionable an elite tools QB prospect. When he's got room and time, he can flash like a big time talent with his arm and legs.



Struggles under pass pressure and shrinks when space gets tight. Alarmingly mechanical reader and mover. Delivery can get deliberate and easy to anticipate. Accuracy can veer into scatter shot.

"Skittish" is an insulting descriptive for a NFL QB but it just really applies to Ridder in the pocket facing pressure and is my biggest knock on him.



Possesses eye popping tools but automated footwork and mechanics. Despite 37 career starts, Ridder still looks like he's practicing his steps and mechanics out there.

That said, he's clearly a toolsy, mature, signal caller that can read the field adequately. He can rip it and hurt you with his feet. But his occasional struggles with consistent accuracy and timing, especially when things get pressurized, is a glaring flag.

Despite his collegiate experience, I think Ridder needs to slow cook to become a solid starter. Just as he made a considerable step forward in his play as a senior, his eventual confidence and familiarity with a pro scheme could somewhat counter or lessen his weaknesses.

NFL Comp: skinny E.J. Manuel



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