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D'Andre Swift Scouting Report

"Solid RB prospect with few weaknesses. He's a three down, all purpose running back but his ball security needs to improve significantly"



Good burst and physicality through the hole with quick feet and cod. Patient and can read his blocks and run to daylight.

Solid underneath pass receiver and route runner. Competes hard in pass pro. Keeps driving and can push a pile. Threatening stiff arm. High character guy and competitor.



Not especially elusive on the 2nd level. Lateral quickness is just adequate. Competes hard but often overwhelmed in pass pro.

Not a great tackle breaker. Ball security isn't a strength.. his 1.36% fumble rate is on the higher end.



Swift's a strong prospect with few weaknesses. His vision, burst, cod, receiving ability and pass pro are all solid.

If there are some knocks, it's perhaps that he's not an especially elusive back and his fumble rate was too high at Georgia.

He strikes me as a workman like, solid, not necessarily spectacular back similar to Mark Ingram. But his ball security needs to improve significantly for that role.

NFL Comp. Mark Ingram



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