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Brandon Aiyuk Scouting Report

"Electric player in the open field with length, ball skills and a clutch gene but needs improved technique, polish and physicality to reach his ceiling"



Explosive big play guy with quick feet and elite lateral quickness. Explodes off the line. Can snap off routes. Adept stop/start quickness.

Dangerous in the open field and will exploit free space. Flashes good ball skills with a wide radius and can make spectacular catches. Has a clutch gene. Dangerous return ability.



Soft and finesse throughout his route and catch. Doesn't want contact. Doesn't have a plan vs press and gets rocked by the initial punch. Late getting his head around on quick hitters. Inconsistent hands. Often a liability as a blocker.

  • A few quick plays here emphasizing "raw talent". First clip, he shows great ball skills to extend high on a short screen but stumbles on his in cut, batting the ball into the air on the next play. Second clip, he flashes slick footwork to abuse the corner but then gets rocked by a strong jab on the following play.



Aiyuk's an electric player in the open field with gears, vision, toughness and quick feet and had a breakout year as the #1 WR for the Sun Devils. His length, ball skills and a clutch gene give him a pretty high ceiling as a prospect.

Technique and physicality are the primary obstacles. He lacks a plan vs angry tactile corners and needs to learn a polished route tree.

NFL Comp. softer Odell Beckham Jr



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