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Boye Mafe Scouting Report

"Urgent, linear edge with quick hands that tested like a top tier athlete. The flip is that he lacks fluidity and is slow to diagnose."



Explosive, linear athlete with abusive hands. Urgent feet and quick hands at the poa. Has some shock in his punch and can employ leverage to anchor.

Has a strong burst and can track down the ball carrier. Adequate mobility in space and can mirror in coverage. Relentless motor. Tested like a top tier athlete.



Slow to diagnose and has poor instincts. Lacks fluidity and can't bend. Often lacks counters if his initial move is stalled.

Coils in his two point stance but gets high and works against his initial quickness. Lacks lower body strength and can get rocked by power. Meager production at Minnesota.



Mafe is an explosive edge player that can operate in space but is probably best suited in a three point stance off the edge. When he's working with proper body lean he can really explode off the snap and has quick handwork to break free.

In his two point stance he's adequate but tends to play high, despite his coil stance, and lets blockers get into his chest. He lacks flexibility and bend but counters with abusive, quick hands and feet. That said, if a blocker gets a hold of his initial burst he's often done unless the backend buys him more time.

NFL Comp: Carl Lawson



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