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Bijan Robinson Scouting Report

"God tier contact balance runner with requisite burst and light feet. Adept as a receiver but will also push the pile, belying his just adequate size."



Efficient, elite lateral quickness guy with a power option. Shows patience and burst at and through the los. Deceptive feet and can get slippery in tight spaces.

God tier contact balance. Combative in pass pro. Soft hands catcher with ball skills and route running ability. Drives feet and can push a pile. Sterling character guy.


Robinson's x gene is the bonding of his quick feet and elite his contact balance. It allows him to be slippery and powerful at the same time.



Lacks breakaway speed. Plays small and often doesn't fall forward or finish with power. Can also play small in pass pro.



Robinson's ability to be elusive in tight spaces and hit the gas through creases is among the best of any prospect in the last decade. His balance is special and he's a yards after contact demon.

He's adept in the pass game, with route running skills, reliable hands, and competitiveness as a blocker. If your squinting for negatives it may be that he doesn't consistently play to his size or show elite home run speed.

NFL Comp: LaDianian Tomlinson



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