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Anton Harrison Scouting Report

"Technique sound, pass pro guy with length and mass that can plant roots with his leverage. Carries a requisite OL mentality but is such a basic athlete with less than ideal length that he may need a switch inside."



Technique sound, solid sized, pass protector with an anchor. Strong at the poa and uses his hands and length especially well. Can get out to the second level comfortably enough.

Solid drive power and can move the los. Stout af and can bow up arguably better than any tackle in this class.



Pedestrian twitch and feet. Measurables leave a lot to be desired in particular his arm length.



Harrison presents great size and technique along with a requisite OL mentality. He can sink and anchor at an elite level or lean on guys to move the pile.

In pass pro he appears to have an extra gear to match up with faster defenders but occasionally he's a lethargic mover that will struggle with twitchy elite athletes.

NFL Comp: bigger Jeff Allen



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