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Josh Jones Scouting Report

"Off and on guy that's an athletic mover and relishes mixing it up but can struggle to anchor and maintain solid footwork"



Long, easy athlete at OT. Gets to the 2nd level quickly to find his target. Washes guys out when he gets a hold of them. Flashes good technique and good feet.

Ideal mentality and relishes the tussle. Stepped up and shined at Senior Bowl practices.



Inconsistent lazy feet. Anchoring ability is especially shaky. Often short armed. Plays up or down to the competition.

  • Jones' core strength could be an issue and his technique is inconsistent for a four year starter. He's beaten off the edge and thrown around at the point by late round prospect Trevis Gipson here and loses the edge late in the Senior Bowl game.



A lot of this OT class give me Ereck Flowers vibes and Jones is one of them. A solid athlete with nearly prototype disposition and length, he too often looks overpowered and late with his feet for my liking.

He's an off and on guy. When he's on, the technique is generally solid and he flashes as a big time zone run blocker but his off plays can look ugly.

His dominant late season and pre draft work has his stock up but he's a clear buyer beware for me.

NFL Comp. angry Cedric Ogbuehi


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