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Denzel Mims Scouting Report

"Physical, sticky handed WR with length and blazing linear speed that plays angry"



Fast, physical receiver with length and strong hands. Solid short area quickness and fires off the line. Welcomes physicality and dominates in jump ball and traffic situations.

Angry, dominant blocker. Field stretcher with speed to get over the top and out run in the open field. Tested like a physical freak at the combine. Clutch.

  • Mims wrecks the cornerback here on his release with his suddenness and cod.

  • Remarkable measurables at Lucas Oil and his dominance on the practice field in Mobile just reinforce his game film.

  • A couple of catches here show off Mims ball skills and body control.



Occasionally inconsistent hands. Linear mover and not especially elusive after the catch. Can disappear for stretches. Limited route tree.



Mims is a physical, sticky handed receiver that can also just streak by people. He snaps off his routes with impressive foot quickness and control.

He shows great hands and regularly makes spectacular catches. If there's any downside in his game it's that he just doesn't always dominate given his skill set. To that, he's also not as automatic on 50/50 balls as his traits suggest.

NFL Comp. angry Amari Cooper


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