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Jacob Eason Scouting Report

"Rocket armed teaser with high end starter traits but backup level consistency...conceivably indicative of his lack of experience but could be more foretelling"



Rocket armed with great stature and smooth footwork. Good, light feet and solid mechanics. Can reset on the move with quickness and throw from different arm angles and platforms.

Impressive arm talent. Accurate and can fit it into the tightest of windows or drop it into the basket with touch. Comfortable on the move and can run for short yardage. Has some improvisational ability and flashes a clutch gene. Can cash in and fire under pressure. 

  • Eason has the arm to test the tightest of windows. And although he's 6'6, has functional mobility and footwork to win off platform

  • He's an arm talent not just a big arm flame thrower. He's flashed adept touch passing.

  • While he's not the running threat of a Burrow or Herbert, Eason can scramble and run when the opportunity presents.



Lacks anticipation and experience. Doesn't see out in front often enough. An inexperienced one read guy. Trusts his arm and mobility too much and gets over his skis.

Can be awkward on contact and take some ugly falls. Consistency often lacking and misfires too often, sailing throws. Sporadic downfield accuracy.

  • Eason's unforced errant throws are likely the biggest obstacles in his game.



  • I've seen Eason knocked for late game performance but he does have a clutch gene and can make big time throws in critical situations


Eason's a see it, rip it, guy at this stage with prototype tools. He's got monster velocity with accuracy and touch and it allows him to throw a lot of undefendable passes. But his lack of anticipation and inexperience making quick progression reads makes him a high upside project.

His tendency to bail on plays under pressure is problematic but also a little misleading. He generally threw the ball away under pressure and moved on to the next play. While that's fine, he also rarely had instances where he beat that pressure.

And with his relative small sample size, two seasons between Georgia and Washington, his data under pressure looks pretty awful. I think he has the improvisational ability and arm talent to be better under pressure but his inexperience dictated those situations.

His misfires out of clean pockets is his most significant knock in his game imo. He's inconsistent exploiting a defense when it gives him a good opportunity. That sporadic downfield accuracy is a make or break hurdle for him.

I think if he's a grinder with his preparation and he lands with a coach that can develop his process ability he'll be a solid starting QB.

NFL Comp. bigger armed Brock Osweiler


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