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Tyler Biadasz Scouting Report

"Functionally good blocker with flashes of bully, but he's not really the bad ass his moniker suggests"



Big, physical center with a forever motor. Technically sound, can anchor and get out to second level targets.

Mauler type with good upper body strength and requisite nastiness. Solid functional mobility in space. Solid run blocker. 



Not explosive. Lacks great quickness and strength despite his good size. Can be beaten routinely by quickness.

Doesn't regularly win the leverage battle. Linear mobility considerably better than lateral mobility.



  • I think Biadasz is a functionally good blocker but he's not the bad ass his moniker suggests. His lateral quickness and overall maneuverability are just adequate and he's often beaten by decent explosiveness or power.


Many had Biadasz the #1 center going into the season and some still do but I think his pro projection is moderate at best. He's a sound blocker with flashes of impressiveness tempered by fairly mediocre play.

NFL Comp. Brandon Fusco


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