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Antoine Winfield Jr Scouting Report

"Smart, pint size, LB playing safety, possessing elite ball skills and anticipation. Injury prone and not quite as athletic on the field as he's tested but has few weaknesses"



Pint size LB playing safety. Ballhawk with elite ball skills. Crushing hitter when he's on target and has lined you up. Smooth footwork and solid awareness in zone.

Man coverage experience and offers some slot coverage ability. Clutch and anticipates at a high level. Tested like a boss at the combine; a credit to his grind and preparation.



A bit of a linear mover with just adequate play speed. Cannonball hitter but somewhat cannonball accuracy. Finds blocks and doesn't shed quickly. Foot ligament and hamstring injuries ended consecutive seasons for him so durability is a concern.



A smaller sized ballhawk that makes up for less than ideal play range and size with elite anticipation and fierce striking ability. Great ball skills and has clutch playmaking ability. Relishes hitting like his Pops but has some stiffness and can be a leaky tackler.

Experienced and competent in single high coverage but I think he's more comfortable closer to the line.

He needs to shake a credible injury prone label but he's got few weaknesses as a DB and has been a key defender and contributor since he was a freshman for the Gophers.

Has a little Polamalu or Bob Sanders to him but he's not really as explosive either.

NFL Comp. Quandre Diggs with hands


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