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Jalen Hurd Scouting Report

"Instant accelerator with size and strength but a big project at WR with a sketchy track record, who still looks like he should be playing RB."



Sudden accelerator off the los and out the backfield. Can stick his foot down and change directions at high speed. Good feet and lateral quickness.

Solid size and catch radius as a receiver. Tough and carries some pop in his pads. Strong work ethic and a grinder since transferring to Baylor.



Inconsistent hands. Choppy route runner. Physical but inexperienced beating the press. Poor blocker in space. Upright runner and lacks good patience as a RB. Not as great a threat after the catch as his RB background suggests.

Absorbs contact with his upright violent run style and has had issues with nagging injuries and concussions. Flat quit on his Tennessee team during the season and had issues with the coaching staff. Not considered the greatest locker room guy.



Hurd made a surprisingly good transition to WR last year at Baylor but still looks like a more natural RB despite swearing off the position at Tennessee. He's physical and explosive with instant acceleration with the ball in his hands as a runner. He's equally explosive off the line as a WR if given a clean release but his routes are choppy and predictable at this stage.

His cod is good for his stature but he lacks the nuance of a solid route runner. Considered a headcase that left Tennessee admid quarrels with coaches and teammates. Switched positions citing the wear and tear of the RB position.

Hurd's a physical talent but his history and inexperience as a WR will make an NFL opportunity sketchy. He'll need to buy in 100% and likely concede to an all purpose role to earn a spot.

NFL Comp: bigger head case Ty Montgomery


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