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Taylor Rapp Scouting Report

"Versatile, quicker than fast safety with elite open field tackling ability. Efficient mover makes him appear faster than he is."



Versatile safety with elite open field tackling ability and good awareness. Experienced in single high, the slot and in the box. Good awareness, discipline and rarely takes false steps.

Relishes delivering blows and flies up with controlled aggression. Efficient mover with good short area quickness. Comfortable in man coverage. A special teams ace.



Lacks good speed. Possesses DB hands and isn't a big time playmaker.



Rapp's a solid sized, quicker than fast safety that's a rock solid last line defender despite lacking blazing speed. Rarely misses open field tackles and shows solid awareness of the situation. He's a clean up, volume tackler but doesn't have the explosiveness to get there early unless he anticipates 100% correctly.

He's played a lot of single high but is generally projected as a strong safety due to lack of speed. He's solid in coverage underneath and is a deceptive blitzer. Projects as a safe, smart, solid safety prospect but may not offer many splash plays.

NFL Comp: Will Parks


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