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Darrell Henderson Scouting Report

"Homerun hitter that takes it 0 to 100 in a blink. I think he's a see it, hit it runner with average feet that doesn't create any more space then what's there."



Sudden, homerun hitter that's rarely caught from behind. 0 to 100 in a blink through the hole. Upright, little runner but can sink his hips and deliver blows on the move.

Good ball skills and should be a receiving threat out the backfield. Runs to daylight efficiently and can set defenders up on cut backs. Competes as a blocker and shows awareness.



Small framed and runs upright. Lacks power and won't fall forward without a head of steam. A see it, hit it runner with average feer that doesn't create any more space then what's there.



Henderson is physical for his size but he wasn't much of a workhorse at Memphis. He runs over guys when he gathers momentum but he's generally an upright runner thru the hole and was afforded a lot of gaping lanes in Memphis' system vs mostly inferior opponents.

There's no doubt he's a blazer that can change direction fast and cutback to daylight with the suddenness to be elusive but he's not one to make guys miss in tight spaces from a standstill. He's got some Chris Johnson to his game but he's appears less patient and has a narrower base.

NFL Comp: mini Isaiah Crowell


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