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Kelvin Harmon Scouting Report

"Rocked up, physical receiver with size, length and clutch ability that lacks explosiveness and subtlety"



Quick footed 50/50 ball catcher with good size and strength. Acrobatic guy adept at catching in a crowd. Takes pride in blocking and is regularly effective.

Has steadily rocked himself up and wants to play a physical game. Solid change of direction mobility and stop/start suddenness. Is a red zone playmaker and flashes clutch ability.



Lacks top end speed to threaten over the top and isn't explosive off the line. Can struggle to separate throughout the route. Too often a clunky, deliberate route runner. Not especially dynamic after the catch.



Harmon's a possession WR with top notch ball skills. He lacks game breaking speed but has fairly quick, sudden feet and good size/strength. But he's not a deceptive route runner and can get choppy changing direction.

His best plays basically come from bullying DBs, boxing out and plucking the ball. He's a double move deep threat because of his cod suddenness but he's not running past anyone and he's a minimal threat after the catch.

He'll struggle to consistently separate from pro CBs and won't have as great a physical advantage as he did at State. But his ability to catch contested balls and his clutch catching could make him a productive situational guy.

NFL Comp: 6'3 Patrick Crayton


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