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Will Grier Scouting Report

"Easily repeated accuracy and mechanics with good subtle pocket elusiveness, albeit on a small frame with just over the threshold arm strength"



Consistent ball placer and generally accurate, timing QB. Good feel in the pocket and consistently buys time when he needs to. Consistent mechanics with a quick release.

Can change up velocity. Clutch and poised timing passer that stays calm in frenetic situations and can make the key play. Monster production at WVU.



Just over the threshold arm strength. Generally accurate but throws his share of unforced misses. Elusive in the pocket but not a runner. Small stature and a thin frame raises some durability concerns.



Grier shows easily repeated accuracy and mechanics with good pocket elusiveness. He's poised and cool on and off the field and is clutch in off script situations. But his arm strength is average to below average and he played in a stat inflating offense.

He rarely faced heavy pass pressure and often had days back there to operate and find targets. He's a little streaky and can sail throws or get mechanical with his reads.

Has the distinction as the first QB to voluntarily sit out his Bowl game to focus on the draft....something various teams won't be a fan of.

He has a good amount of Andy Dalton to his game but may not be as durable or as consistent with his arm strength. Strikes me as a fringe starter talent that could get hot in the right opportunity and situation.

NFL Comp: Bryan Hoyer


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