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Mike Gesicki Scouting Report

"Length, ball skills, and big time speed and quickness for the position but a liability as a blocker. Still, he's a good candidate to be a better pro than college player."



Big mitts and long arms on a nearly 6'6 frame. Threatening speed down the seam and across the middle. A leaper, high points and can catch in traffic. Extends and makes acrobatic catches. Shows subtle lateral quickness to separate and can change gears. Ran an exceptional 3 cone time (6.76) for a big man. Solid, well coached route runner.



A get in the way finesse blocker that's not much wider than a typical WR and often a liability in that phase. Suffered concentration drops early in career and hasn't always been clutch.



Gesicki’s got great length, good ball skills, and big time speed, quickness and agility for the position. He's flashed at PSU but hasn't quite played to his rare athletic testing. But with more play strength in his routes and off the line he'll be a problematic cover for both LBs and DBs.

Doesn't have the physicality or strength as a blocker but he's willing and smart, so there's upside there. He's a strong candidate to be a better pro than college player.

NFL Comp: Jared Cook

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