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Pat Elflein Scouting Report

"Mean and finishes with animosity. Can play short armed and have some trouble with length"



Mean with impressive lateral quickness. Anchors effectively. Drives and can generate push. Finishes with animosity. Decent feet and flashes ability to mirror. Technically sound with good balance. Lethal in space. Team captain and leader.



Can play short armed and have some trouble with length. Overextends then loses laterally. Decent feet but not a dancing bear. Strong but not a beast and can get re-accommodated.



I think Elflein the best OC in this class and a plug and play guy. He's like a meaner Corey Lindsley or smaller Eric Wood. He's an impressive run blocker and adequate pass blocker at this point. He should solidify the spot for years for whoever drafts him.

Pro Comparison: Eric Wood


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