TD Rayshawn Jenkins Scouting Notes

Doug Murray Icon Sportswire

Rayshawn Jenkins


Rangy and aggressive with good size. Flies up to greet the run and can be a punishing tackler. Relishes contact. Athletic enough for man coverage with decent hips and cod. Experienced in single high and as the last line of defense as well as in the box.


Gets to the ball but an inconsistent tackler. Overruns plays and can take bad angles. Field awareness often lacking and eats blocks. Tentative in coverage and doesn't anticipate well. False stepper.


Jenkins is a big athletic safety that plays with animosity. He's too often out of control and misses tackles but he also gets to the ball all over the field and makes plays. He's a raw talent that lacks polish but could be molded into a solid starting player at either safety spot.

Pro Comparison: faster Will Hill