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David Njoku Scouting Report

"Long, sturdy TE with top tier athletic ability, but is a raw, athlete first, guy that needs seasoning"

Al Diaz Miami Herald



Long, sturdy looking TE with top tier athletic ability. Easy mover with cod and deep speed. Good ball skills and a big time leaper. Tough after the catch and won't easily go down.

Stalks his blocks in the open field. Drives inline and gets some push. Smart, mature worker who carries himself like a professional and gives you the confidence he'll master his craft.



Athlete first and a raw route runner. One speed runner. Often lacks leverage blocking inline. Passive blocker who rarely finishes. Leaper but not especially fluid mover. Inconsistent hands.



Njoku is an impressive looking athlete who's just scratching the surface. He's long, strong and flashes every trait you want to see in an all pro TE.

He's a project but has Vernon Davis caliber athletic ability. He comes from an accomplished family and shows the work ethic to continue to get better.

Pro Comparison: mature Vernon Davis


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