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Damien Mama Scouting Report

"Mammoth that can move and gets to the 2nd level but was a terrible tester and will need a sustained health regime."



Large man and can move. Good feet. Consistently gets to the 2nd level and can hit moving targets. Brawler inside with long arms and big hands. Looks to finish as in this example. Shows awareness. Flashes ability to reanchor and leverage. Flashes lower body drive strength.



Often gets too high and off balance. Adequate punch but power is lacking. Still carries some bad weight. Tested especially poorly athletically at the combine.



Mama has improved his weight/conditioning every year at SC since arriving at 400 lbs. He's a comfortable mover at 335 but could benefit even more from a sustained health regime.

He's underpowered up top and has technique issues to iron out but he's a large, mobile, mean interior OL. I don't put much stock into his poor combine. On film he's an athletic guy for his size with decent feet.

Pro Comparison: fatter Mike Iupati


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