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Sidney Jones Scouting Report

"Wiry strong guy with top notch quickness and aggression that went from a plug and play guy to a project after suffering achilles injury at his pro day."



Good length, wiry strong and has top notch quickness with an aggressive attitude. Adept man cover guy that can also play off. Physical tackler for his frame and not afraid to throw his body around.



Skinny frame and doesn't possess elite speed. Much better linear click and close than lateral. Achilles suffered at pro day is more significant than a routine knee injury and will knock his stock at least 2 rounds.

It turns him into simply a developmental prospect with upside instead of a plug and play guy.



My #1 CB in this class entering his pro day. Especially sticky cover guy that played with technique and a chip pre injury. Skinny but plays bigger. Most every game I've watched Jones got in there with aggression.

High floor guy with good upside pre injury. Post injury his status is a big question mark. Achilles injuries can be problematic for a DB. Healthy he reminds me a lot of Darius Slay.

Pro Comparison: Darius Slay


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