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Marshon Lattimore Scouting Report

"Speed merchant with impressive burst, loose hips, and aggressiveness to the ball but plays like a smaller CB, has been injury prone and is a one year wonder."



Speed. Possesses top end speed, impressive burst, loose hips, aggressiveness to the ball, and it allows him to mirror well. Comfortable playing off and up. Adequate size. One year starter but he produced with 4 ints and 9 PDS.



Doesn't relish contact and gets blocked. Plays like a smaller CB. Sticks his head in to tackle but doesn't bring much force. Limited experience and still polishing technique.

Part of a stellar Buckeye secondary that might be masking him somewhat. History of significant hamstring injuries kept him off the field until last year. Rumored to have injured himself again at the combine.



Lattimore possesses elite speed, shadowing ability, on ball playmaking and has the look of an NFL corner. If he's no longer injury prone he’ll stick as a starter.

But he's also a one year wonder, has a track record of hamstring issues, is raw, and lacks physical play. He’s not bringing much right away besides flat speed and athleticism. He’s basically a high end athletic project for a DB coach.

Because of the top tier athleticism, but also the lack of experience and injury plagued history, I think he’s a clear boom/bust prospect. Success will be predicated on health and coachability.

Pro Comparison: 6’0 Robert Alford


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