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Derek Barnett Scouting Report

"Power end with first step quickness but carries a squatty, tweener frame and can get overwhelmed at the point."

Wade Payne AP



Power end with first step quickness and a big motor. Gets emotionally invested 1 on 1 and can raise his game up and turn up himself and his teammates. Not an athletic freak but gets sideline to sideline with fluidity and control.

Heavy hands at the poa with good technique and can get stout. Consistently produced. Team leader material.



Motor fluctuates some from play to play. First step quick but not an overly athletic guy in space or changing direction. Squatty tweener frame and can get overwhelmed occasionally at the point.



When I first watched Barnett I wasn’t blown away. I got a Derrick Morgan vibe from him. Morgan certainly isn't a jag but he's not elite. But the more I watched Barnett, I saw a guy with a big time motor who can consistently get the jump off the snap. For a bigger guy, whose game isn’t finesse, that’s good.

His game is about power, quickness and attitude. He’s got some clutch gene to him and comes to play in the big games. Reminds a lot of Brandon Graham who I loved out of Michigan and eventually became the guy I thought he'd be last season.

Pro Comparison: Brandon Graham


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