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Davis Webb Scouting Report

"Classic pro QB with a strong arm and is light on his feet but has scattershot accuracy."



Strong armed with good stature. Quick light feet for a big guy. Not a scrambler but mobile in the pocket and can create space and buy time. Quick release and can change arm angles.



Scattershot ball placement and inconsistent accuracy. Pressure greatly nullifies his effectiveness. A spread air raid guy that'll need a transition period.



Webb looks like the classic pro QB. Big guy with a strong arm and light on his feet.The sticking points are the college air raid offenses he's run and his ability to handle pass pressure.

Pro teams that are confident he can be coached up in their system have created some positive buzz for him coming off the board early….rumors are as early as the late first.

He's basically a slightly more athletic Nick Foles, who was a 3rd rounder, so I can see high grade in that sense, but I don't think he's as accurate as Foles was coming out. And at this point, he's got the mobility and quick release to exploit pass pressure but not the processing speed.

Pro Comparison: Nick Foles


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