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Alvin Kamara Scouting Report

"Brings vision, burst and breaks more tackles than his size suggests but is primarily a 3rd down back and change of pace runner that's rarely carried a heavy load."



Good vision and deceptive burst. Utilizes patience. Efficient mover with great balance and breaks more tackles than his size suggests. Solid hands.

Experienced on 3rd down and knows how to separate in the flat. Willing blocker. Clutch genes. Mature guy who impressed in interviews.



Change of pace runner and primarily a 3rd down back. Double digit carries in only half his career games and only once over 16 carries.

He's got an upright run style on a smaller frame. Not great at protecting the ball. Has dealt with some minor injuries. Early character issues may have forced him out of Saban’s Alabama.



Kamara didn't do anything for me first viewing. Admittedly, I was probably a little biased because I was looking for a big year from Jalen Hurd. I'm still not quite as high on him as most appear to be.

I see a situational guy that can make key plays...something like a Ronnie Hillman. I think his ceiling could be a Danny Woodhead. But he reminds me a lot of the Pats Brandon Bolden as well.

Pro Comparison: better hands Brandon Bolden


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