Drew Lock Scouting Report

"Elite arm strength and flashes undefendable accuracy but his off platform throws are hit and miss, he commits unforced errors and can play losing football for stretches" Strengths: Elite arm strength and monster production within the spread scheme. Generally good ball placement. Changes arm angles and can move in the pocket. Can regularly throw off balance or back foot dimes with his arm talent. Tough and is comfortable hanging in the pocket and waiting till the last second. Flashes undefendable accuracy and touch to all levels. Decent linear runner out of the pocket that put up a 4.7 at the combine. Confident, laid back personality and equipped to be the face of a franchise. Weaknesses: Re

Rashan Gary Scouting Report

"Verified freak athlete that flashes the ability to routinely disrupt. ..the questions revolve around his unrefined technique, just adequate motor and limited career production." Strengths: Power end with suddenness and flexibility. Flies off the ball. Solid range and overall speed. Flashes power in his hands and has long arms to dictate at the point of attack. Destroys lineman when he gets leverage. Shows good core strength at the point. Tested like a freak athlete at the combine. Mature and professional character guy that's already created his own sports agency. Weaknesses: Doesn't effectively use his hands and long arms. Offensive lineman regularly get into his chest. Stands up when conta

Olive Sagapolu Scouting Report

"Possesses that revered Polynesian athleticism, but his weight, durability and especially his technique, will determine if he succeeds as a pro" Strengths: Big NT with good feet and mobility. Flashes a powerful punch. Capable of holding ground vs the double. Solid flexibility for a big man. Decent hand work and feet and can work free to pressure. Rock solid motor. Weaknesses: Inconsistent leverage and can get rooted out. Not a regular presence inside despite some physical gifts and his instincts aren't great. Carries long term weight concerns. Dislocated his shoulder requiring surgery as a senior and has missed all the pre draft events. Weight, durability and technique will no doubt determin

Marquise "Hollywood" Brown Scouting Report

"Basically a less gangsta DeSean Jackson, Brown's a situational speed guy that can struggle with physical defenders" Strengths: Utilizes initial explosion and carries speed over the top. Can stop and start on a dime and shake free in short spaces. Solid hands catcher and can make difficult grabs. Has the footwork and deceptiveness to become a good route runner. Future Hall of Fame cousin is famous for his off season work ethic and route running and has taken Marquise under his wing. Weaknesses: Always been a little guy and struggles with physical defenders. Weak at the catch point in traffic. Great quickness vs the press but held up considerably if contacted. Can get pushed around on the bou

DeAndre Baker Scouting Report

"Sticky, long, corner with play making ball skills and a tendency to grab when he feels beat." Strengths: Long, good sized corner with solid speed and long arms. Likes to play sticky and bully receivers inside the route and disrupt timing. Fast click and close guy facing the action and a big time playmaker with good ball skills. Good awareness and anticipation. Reliable tackler. Weaknesses: Stiff and choppy movement skills. Can loose at the top of the route. Decent not great speed. Consistently draws Pi's if he feels beat. Not especially interested in sticking his nose in on run support and a drag down tackler. Overall: Baker's ideally a zone corner who's tough to beat facing the action. He'

Joejuan Williams Scouting Report

"Size, speed guy with impressive quickness and carries a lot of upside but his technique is sketchy and he's lacking some grit." Strengths: Rare size and decent speed with impressive quickness. Experienced in man and off. Good initial stab to redirect. Good click and close. Quick feet and can mirror despite his size. Fights at the catch point and doesn't concede until the whistle blows. Aggressive tackler and will deliver a blow. Scheme versatile and could be tried at safety. Plays faster than he timed at the combine. Solid production as a junior with 14 pbu's and 4 ints against top competition. Weaknesses: Raw despite experience and lacks anticipation. Technique is a work in progress. Can

Julian Love Scouting Report

"Zone style corner with plus athletic ability and quickness that could likely play some safety." Strengths: Quick to read and react with solid all around athleticism. Solid click and close corner with great quickness that gets his paws on the ball. Reliable, physical tackler. Aggressive in run support. Decent recovery speed. Has some scheme versatility and could play some safety. Mature team leader. Weaknesses: Can't hang with real speed. Better playing off than up in man. Bites up and is susceptible to double moves. Inconsistent in press and can lose right out the gate vs explosiveness. Gets his hands on balls but doesn't regularly pull them in. Overall: Love is a solid zone style corner wi

Deonte Thompson Scouting Report

"Wiry, first step quick safety with length that plays angry and relishes delivering a punishing blow but needs better discipline and size to hold up" Strengths: Sudden, angry safety with length and ball skills. First step quick and gets downhill in a flash. Comfortable in single high and in the box. Relishes collisions and sacrifices his body to make the play. Impressive wing span and shows quick hands and ball awareness. Sheds quickly. Flashes good open field tackling ability. Weaknesses: Aggressive but sloppy technique tackler that dangerously lowers his head or fails to break down correctly. Has a burst but lacks make up speed. Reckless on contact and is susceptible to injuries. Undersize

Daniel Jones Scouting Report

"Looks the part and flashes a dynamic game, but he's got a back up arm, a slow delivery, and gets reckless with his running ability" Strengths: Smart, accurate, timing passer with stature, toughness and running ability. Well coached and can read defenses. Can throw guys open and has good touch. Stands in against the rush with poise and toughness. Surprisingly fast linear runner that can be a threat on the ground. 36 career starts. Weaknesses: Back up arm with a slow delivery. Gets his passes batted at the line. Floats longer throws. Locks on to receivers and leaves his guys out to dry. Inconsistent pocket presence. A better runner than scrambler. Never slides and is a good bet to break that

Josh Allen Scouting Report

"Long, athletic, versatile edge that can play back or rush. But while he's 6'5 262, he's a finesse guy that struggles converting speed to power." Strengths: Versatile, athletic, long linebacker that plays with savvy. Technically sound at the poa and hand fights until he's free. Quick jump cutter that can dip under and through. Good initial quickness and sets up OTs. Rangy with good closing speed. Comfortable in coverage and can carry TEs and backs in the flat and seam. Great motor. Scoop and score athlete that's first to the loose ball. The best player on the field when he anticipates correctly. Weaknesses: Jack of all trades, master of none. Struggles to convert speed to power as a rusher.

David Montgomery Scouting Report

"Little beast mode" lacks explosiveness but is a reliable, complete back that could make you grab air inside an elevator. Strengths: Natural runner with quick feet, elite elusiveness and good receiving ability. Strings moves together and refuses to go down. Elite contact balance. Can make multiple defenders miss inside a short area and make something out of nothing. Pushes piles with non-stop feet and determination. Solid burst thru the hole. Experienced receiver and route runner. Solid in pass pro. Weaknesses: Lacks homerun speed and ideal burst. Can be hesitant and too patient at times. Comes off a heavy two season workload at Iowa St. Series of clips here highlight Montgomery's complete g

Parris Campbell Scouting Report

"Electric with the ball and carries intriguing upside after having a, somewhat, limited role at OSU inside a talented WR core." Strengths: Electric threat with the ball in his hands. Has elite speed, good vision, physicality and elusiveness in the open field. Improved ball skills as a senior and came down with numerous clutch catches. Top notch returner who can handle situational carries out of the backfield. Vocal team leader. Weaknesses: More or less a gadget guy with a limited route tree and unreliable hands. Overall: After looking like a situational guy for most of his career Campbell looked like a stud, legit WR prospect last season for OSU. His hands became reliable and he hauled in to

A.J. Brown Scouting Report

"An all day yac threat with the size, hands and quickness to be a #1 option despite lacking the speed to run past guys." Strengths: Intimidating size and good initial quickness. Powers off the los and threatens deep. Good foot quickness and is an all day yac threat. Reliable hands catcher who wants the ball every down. Good route runner. Great production and stood out on a talented WR core. Feasted in the slot as a junior but can line up outside as well. Engaging and confident team leader candidate. Weaknesses: Lacks top end speed despite good initial quickness. Doesn't win in traffic as often as it looks like he should. Drops the easy ones. Overall: Brown is a determined #1 WR talent that c

Miles Boykin Scouting Report

"Tall guy with size and impressive suddenness off his release that's a good bet to be a better pro than college player." Strengths: Big, tall WR with suddenness and great ball skills. Fires off the line and threatens deep with his suddenness. Quick feet and lateral quickness for a tall, large WR. Solid, deceptive route runner and separates off his breaks. Adept catching in traffic and is fearless. Savage blocker that will be an asset in the run game. Mature character guy and a grinder. Weaknesses: Sudden off the los but doesn't generally threaten over the top and or have quite the same suddenness out of his breaks. Doesn't play quite as fast as he tested. Not a yac threat and lacks some lowe

Jerry Tillery Scouting Report

"He's a long, powerful DT with impressive initial quickness that gradually went from underachiever to a real presence for the Irish...but the former label still sticks." Strengths: Explosive interior lineman with length and a strong motor. Impressive initial quickness for a big, tall DT and is regularly the first off the snap. Flashes power in his hands to ragdoll offensive lineman. Flashes the ability to play with leverage and anchor. Can stack and shed and find the ball. Good range for a DT and a nice motor. Mature and eclectic. Weaknesses: Often plays high and off balance. Can play on skates and be rooted away from the ball. Can struggle to finish with poor balance. On the ground too ofte

D.K. Metcalf Scouting Report

"Bonafide freak, size/speed receiver with quick feet and soft hands but doesn't play as strong as he looks and isn't there yet as a route runner" Strengths: Eye popping size/speed receiver with quick feet, long arms and soft hands. Explodes into 9 routes. Better short area quickness than expected for a rocked up 230 lb WR. Good ball skills and can extend, dig out and catch over his head with ease. Catches in traffic well. Takes pride in blocking. Physical after the catch and will exploit missed tackles. Homerun threat anywhere on the field and doesn't get caught from behind. Weaknesses: Not a deceptive route runner and telegraphs where he wants to go. Occasionally too much wasted movement of

Miles Sanders Scouting Report

"Good athlete and runs with vision, speed and and short area quickness. ...although, not sure he plays as explosive as he tested, and he's not a physical runner" Strengths: Solid size, lateral quickness and good burst. Can shake defenders in the tightest of spaces. Solid effort and awareness in pass pro. Solid vision, patience and runs to daylight. Flashes the ability to be a deceptive route runner. Good short yardage runner because of his burst and quick feet. Changes direction quickly and can turn the corner. Flashes ability to drive and push a pile. Tested like an elite athlete and shined in on field drills at the combine. Weaknesses: Had issues with ball security in his breakout season.

Kelvin Harmon Scouting Report

"Rocked up, physical receiver with size, length and clutch ability that lacks explosiveness and subtlety" Strengths: Quick footed 50/50 ball catcher with good size and strength. Acrobatic guy adept at catching in a crowd. Takes pride in blocking and is regularly effective. Has steadily rocked himself up and wants to play a physical game. Solid change of direction mobility and stop/start suddenness. Is a red zone playmaker and flashes clutch ability. Weaknesses: Lacks top end speed to threaten over the top and isn't explosive off the line. Can struggle to separate throughout the route. Too often a clunky, deliberate route runner. Not especially dynamic after the catch. Overall: Harmon's a pos

L.J. Humphrey Scouting Report

"Deceptively strong with length, quickness and big time ball skills...downside is that he's a high cut, narrow base, one year wonder" Strengths: Long, deceptively strong WR with big time ball skills. Terrific length. Makes acrobatic catches in traffic. Short strider with deceptive speed. Quick feet and changes direction well. Wirey strong with good core strength. A threat after the catch that gets to top speed quickly. Shifts gears and catches defenders off guard. Good vision in open space and could be a dangerous returner. Weaknesses: Narrow hips and not polished in and out of breaks despite quick feet. Long speed is lacking. Limited route tree. Strong after the catch but doesn't always uti

Darrell Henderson Scouting Report

"Homerun hitter that takes it 0 to 100 in a blink. I think he's a see it, hit it runner with average feet that doesn't create any more space then what's there." Strengths: Sudden, homerun hitter that's rarely caught from behind. 0 to 100 in a blink through the hole. Upright, little runner but can sink his hips and deliver blows on the move. Good ball skills and should be a receiving threat out the backfield. Runs to daylight efficiently and can set defenders up on cut backs. Competes as a blocker and shows awareness. Weaknesses: Small framed and runs upright. Lacks power and won't fall forward without a head of steam. A see it, hit it runner with average feer that doesn't create any more spa

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