TD Summer 2019 NFL Mock

RETURN OF THE BOOM ? The Seahawks haven't had a losing season since 2011, but they've never relied on a single player as much as they do right now. Russell Wilson carries this team but much like Andrew Luck and the Colts, that burden can take a heavy toll. He's been remarkably durable but it's fair to question just how long he'll be able to single handedly prop up this team, especially considering the mini rebuild going on. If the Hawks fall off this season they'll make a monster effort to get into a position to draft this classes' best prospect. Otherwise, here's your standard, too early, dog day summer 2019 Mock. 1. Seattle Seahawks - Ed Oliver, DT, Houston 2. Buffalo Bills - Nick Bosa, DE

Nick Chubb Scouting Report

"Reliable between the tackles runner with quick feet and burst. Might not be the superstar he appeared to be but he projects like a productive pro." Strengths: Good vision and burst. Big physical runner with wiggle and change of direction. Good feet and can put his foot in the ground and burst. Runs through arm tackles and ankle grabbers. Decent balance. Adequate receiver and blocker. Weaknesses: Appears to have never quite regained the speed he showed pre- injury. Medical evals of his knee will be crucial. Overall: Reliable, physical, between the tackles runner with quick feet and burst. Not elusive and won't force many missed tackles unless he breaks them. Chubb should be a productive runn

James Washington Scouting Report

"Compact guy with long arms and tremendous ball skills. He consistently killed corners deep and snatched the ball from them short but his scheme limited his route tree and he's inexperienced vs press." Strengths: Compact physical frame and bullies his way where he wants to go in the route. Twitch quick and gets to top speed in a hurry. Fires off the line if given a clean release. Big hands, long arms, great ball skills, and makes contested catches look easy. Elusive after the catch. Shifts gears, can plant his foot and explode away. Weaknesses: Strong corners that challenge disrupt his routes. Route tree was limited at Oklahoma St. Not a nuanced route runner yet. Overall: Washington is an ex

Mark Walton Scouting Report

"Dangerous and elusive in space but he rarely saw the field due to nagging injuries and routinely got up slowly after tough carries." Lance King GETTY Strengths: Elite lateral ability. Jump cuts on a dime and can change direction in a blink. Dangerous burst. Good hands and a threat as a pass catcher. Good awareness as a blocker. Weaknesses: Oft injured, small RB. Won't push piles or fall forward on runs. Competes as a blocker but usually overmatched. Overall: Walton is an explosive playmaker who's dangerous and elusive in space. But he rarely saw the field due to nagging injuries before declaring early. Small, compact build but not a physical runner. Dinged up as a junior and routinely got u

Orlando Brown Scouting Report

"Knows his limitations. Killed for a terrible combine but his tape suggests a long, powerful, smart blocker." Strengths: Big, long, smart wall off blocker. Prepares well and knows his limitations. Long arms and maintains leverage. Generates movement off the snap and keeps his feet moving. Good linear mover and can consistently hit 2nd level targets. Sound technician. Enjoys intimidating and regularly gets in a free one after the whistle. Weaknesses: Struggles with speed and quickness and could be a liability against top tier rushers. Lower body strength doesn't match his upper body. Can get lazy with his hands. Uniquely awful combine testing brings up questions about his work ethic. Overall:

Taven Bryan Scouting Report

"Explodes out of his stance but his mobility is a little linear and he's on the ground a lot. Still..he's just scratching the surface." Strengths: Sudden off the snap and can regularly knife into the backfield. Possesses length and size. Generally maintains leverage. Flashes strong hands. Big motor. Just scratching the surface. Weaknesses: Upfield quickness routinely used against him opening up lanes. Lateral quickness and balance isn't great. Interior size/strength is just adequate and can get swallowed up. One year wonder and limited career production. Finds trash. Overall: Bryan explodes out of his stance into the backfield. His upside is intriguing and his stock will soar if he tests lik

Harrison Phillips Scouting Report

"A worker inside that plugs and finds the ball all day more frequently than it appears he should." Strengths: Former wrestling champ is quick and powerful off the snap and sheds quickly. Recognizes schemes and tracks down the ball. Shows some short area quickness. Absorbs doubles with leverage and can work himself free to the ball. Finishes with solid closing speed and lateral mobility. Forever motor. Mature, carries himself like a professional and prepares well. Weaknesses: He's got some balance issues and offers little range. A bit of a tweener inside and built more like an offensive lineman than NT. Occasionally loses the leverage game and gets walked back. Injuries sidetracked him before

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