TD's 2018 Mock Draft

Most drafts the #1 overall pick is the worst kept secret two to three weeks before the draft. Not this year. This year the top five QBs are ranked somewhat differently by teams much more than typical years. The uncertainty in Dallas is making this draft a bizarrely memorable one. Here's my 7 round shot at how it might go down.. BANG IT HERE TO VIEW #SonAdam

Rashaad Penny Scouting Report

"He's faster than most guys on the field and has the vision to exploit creases and turn them into chunk plays. He’s a tough guy but not a physical runner." Strengths: One cut and go guy that brings elite speed and burst. 0-100 in a blink and rarely caught from behind. Changes direction smoothly and with his suddenness, makes him difficult to square up in space. Tough and handled a heavy workload his final season. Good vision and finds daylight. Weaknesses: Upright, finesse runner that doesn't play to his size. Gets tripped up or goes down often at first contact. Often a liability as a pass blocker and an inconsistent receiver though he shows soft hands. Overall: Penny had obscene production

Ronald Jones Scouting Report

"An explosive speed back that can turn it up in a flash to exploit a crease but not a pile pusher and is usually a one speed guy with little patience." Strengths: Sticks his foot in the ground and explodes. Homerun hitter that hits top speed in a blink. Physical and not afraid of contact. Flashes lateral quickness. Has flashed patience to probe before exploding. Downhill guy that rarely dances. Noticeably added strength between soph and junior years. Weaknesses: Narrow build despite adding strength. Not a pile pusher and won't consistently fall forward. Usually a one speed guy and rarely changes gears. Hits it up in at full speed rather than pick & create and doesn't always allow blocking t

Ito Smith Scouting Report

"His size suggests a 3rd down change of pace back but he's a tough, effective inside runner and doesn't back down to heavy contact." Tim Isbell Sun Herald Strengths: Experienced and runs with vision and patience. Explosive lateral quickness. Sets up blocks and gets the most out of every run. Effective inside runner for small RB. Utilizes leverage when needed and doesn't stop his feet. Strong receiver. Battles with some pop as a blocker. Ran 40's between 4.45 to 4.54 at his pro day, with 22 reps on the bench, a 37.5 vert and a 6.89 3 cone. And he reportedly looked good in pass catching drills. Weaknesses: Small and may not possess breakaway speed. A battler as a blocker but overwhelmed by bet

Lamar Jackson Scouting Report

"Potential to be the best running pro QB since Michael Vick. As a passer, however, he's a project and lacks precision." Strengths: Electric runner in league with Michael Vick as a scrambler and runner. Wiry strong. Strong arm with an effortless release. Shows good touch. Quick, smooth footwork. Improved his poise as a passer from sophomore to junior seasons. Recognizes his limitations as a passer and makes good decisions. Good character guy and teammate who's personality reminds of me of Steve McNair. Weaknesses: Wildly inconsistent accuracy. Often mechanical as a passer and lacks precision. Aims throws and takes off velocity. Proven durable as a runner but takes a lot of punishment. Regular

Mason Rudolph Scouting Report

"He's mastered the touch pass out of necessity because of pedestrian arm strength. His pocket movement, accuracy, and processing translate well but his arm strength and inflated production are flags." Star Tribune Strengths: Solid accuracy overall and particularly good bucket throw accuracy. Quick feet and sets up smoothly. Has the mobility to buy time and pick up first downs. Can stand in under pressure and fire. Flashes progression read throws. Weaknesses: Arm strength/velocity is just beyond the threshold for a pro QB. Doesn't drive throws. Shows great touch but lobs up everything. Fumbles on contact too often. Faces the transition from the Cowboys raid scheme. Overall: Rudolph has master

Derwin James Scouting Report

"He flies around the field and blows up guys but his anticipation and instincts sometimes negate his great athleticism. He's a charismatic alpha who’s a solid bet to eventually minimize the kinks and produce well as a pro." Kim Klement USA Today Sports Strengths: Big, fast DB built like an OLB. Plays with natural leverage and is a heavy hitter when he connects. Experienced everywhere from the box, slot to single high and regularly rushed off the edge. Fluid mover, flips hips and changes direction well. Strong motor. Flashes power in his hands. Charismatic and passionate. James could legitimately play DB or star LB as a pro. His size/speed plus power and character would normally ensure him as

Leighton Vander Ecsh Scouting Report

"He's got a 6’3 frame with suddenness and he steadily improved through his first season as a starter and had a dominant bowl game." Strengths: Good range and awareness. Big frame with length. Reads keys and comes downhill fast. Good motor. Takes good angles. Changes direction quickly and efficiently. Finds a way to get the ball carrier down if he gets his hands on them. Attacks blocks with the proper shoulder and is disciplined. Technique sound. Crashes in and can create a jam. Weaknesses: Lacks take on strength. Physical blockers shut him down. Overruns plays and can whiff on lateral quickness. Gets fooled by misdirection. Rangy but not a speedster. One year wonder. Overall: Vander Esch opt

Roquan Smith Scouting Report

"He's straight line fast, diagnoses well and gets in position quickly when he's clean. But he plays small and he'll need to be scheme protected to be a productive starter." Strengths: Field fast and ranges all over. Diagnoses quickly. Reliable tackler that wraps up and can deliver a knockout blow. Aware in zone and reads routes. Big time motor and never stops. Recovers quickly from a false step or from the ground. Clutch. Weaknesses: Plays small. Doesn't like taking on blocks and get can get wiped out by a rangy blocker. Quicker than fast. Shows tightness in his hips, can get shook by a good lateral mover and doesn't have the greatest balance. Man coverage isn't a strength. Overall: Smith's

Josey Jewell Scouting Report

"An old school football soul that regularly gets to the ball and makes whatever play needs to be made." Strengths: Instinctive and diagnoses quickly. Great tackler. Aware in coverage and can carry underneath receivers and backs. Gets good depth in his drop. A playmaker with solid ball skills and gets to the loose ball fast. Sudden in tight spaces. Can stack and fill or slip around. A forever motor. Weaknesses: Lacks speed and has just adequate size. Overall: Jewell's and old school soul that regularly gets to the ball and makes whatever play needs to be made. He's instinctive and quick with the necessary strength to take on and shed. He's a solid cover backer despite speed limitations that a

Dallas Goedert Scouting Report

"A big easy athlete with agility and great hands. Brings in whatever he can stab but he lacks overall speed and quickness." Strengths: 6’4 255 TE with long arms, agility and great ball skills. Competes as a blocker and flashes power. Flips his hips and changes direction well. Big mitts and can make contested catches. Basketball experience evident, he boxes out and gains body position. Weaknesses: Lacks speed and explosion. Balance isn't great. Short strider, runs high and is subject to get rocked by faster, stronger tacklers. Poor, inexperienced route runner. Tries to one hand everything. Motor isn't always turned up. Overall: A big easy athlete with agility and great hands. Brings in whatev

Hayden Hurst Scouting Report

"A playmaker with the ball in his hands and rarely drops passes but he's an older prospect that tried baseball first." Strengths: Sudden mover and has the speed to threaten the seam and outrun defenders after the catch. A yac threat in the open field with good change of direction and vision. Good balls skills, can catch in traffic and high point the ball. Rarely drops catchable passes. Clutch. Team captain. Just short of 6'5 and 250 and ran a 4.67 and respectable 7.19 3 cone at the combine. Weaknesses: Underpowered but gets after it as a blocker. Stalks targets in the open field and has some pop at the point but gets walked back by power. Older prospect after first trying his hand at basebal

Mike Gesicki Scouting Notes

"Length, ball skills, and big time speed and quickness for the position but a liability as a blocker. Still, he's a good candidate to be a better pro than college player." Strengths: Big mitts and long arms on a nearly 6'6 frame. Threatening speed down the seam and across the middle. A leaper, high points and can catch in traffic. Extends and makes acrobatic catches. Shows subtle lateral quickness to separate and can change gears. Ran an exceptional 3 cone time (6.76) for a big man. Solid, well coached route runner. Weaknesses: A get in the way finesse blocker that's not much wider than a typical WR and often a liability in that phase. Suffered concentration drops early in career and hasn't

Dante Pettis Scouting Report

"A deceptive yac guy and route runner that changes gears and has good lateral quickness. He's got good hands but his overall speed is non threatening and he's slightly built." Strengths: Impressive burst and change of direction in the open field. Changes gears and can stop/start effectively. Good route runner. Strong hands and is clutch. A yac threat as he gets to top speed quickly. Big time punt returner. Competitive blocker. Posted a 4.48 40, 6.73 3 cone, and a 39 vert at his personal pro day after recovering from an ankle that sidelined him for the combine and pro day. Weaknesses: Slight frame and physicality stunts him. Lacks over the top speed. Release doesn't threaten anyone. Overall:

Courtland Sutton Scouting Report

"His short area quickness is special for a WR of his size but he tended to show it more in yac situations than separating from defenders." SMU Athletics Strengths: Sudden mover for a big WR with good short area quickness. A threat after the catch in space. Solid, mean blocker. Enormous catch radius and can pluck the ball up, over and around defenders. Plays physical and will bully defenders for space. Smart, mature and coachable. Weaknesses: Inconsistent catching in traffic and using his frame to box out. Doesn't have a 2nd gear. Tends to disappear for stretches. Doesn't demonstrate the same short area quickness in his routes as after the catch and struggles to separate. Overall: Sutton has

D.J. Chark Scouting Report

"He'll be a tough cover with his length, speed and hands. With improved strength to release and finish better he could be a big weapon as a pro." Sam Spiegelman Strengths: Sudden off the snap with great length, hands and change of direction. Plus speed to stretch the field. Hands catcher with a wide radius that can extend high or dig out balls off the turf. Great sideline awareness and body control. Clutch. Good vision as a runner and not easily caught from behind. Hard nosed despite his lanky frame. Experienced punt returner. Weaknesses: Skinny and lacks strength & physicality. High in and out of his cuts. Willing but ineffective blocker. Suffers concentration drops. Inconsistent tracking t

D.J. Moore Scouting Report

"He's dangerous in space and shows good balance after contact but he plays small and his athletic testing will get him overdrafted." Strengths: Explosive lateral movement with good balance. Long limbed with strong hands. Good leaper. Dangerous in the open field. Good burst off the line and out of cuts. Hard nosed and a good blocker. Produced despite shaky QBs. Weaknesses: Small and even with good leaping ability can be bodied on the outside. Strong hands but inconsistent catching in traffic and hit or miss with 50/50 balls. Limited route tree. Overall: Moore had a breakout Jr year and opted to declare. He's dangerous in space and shows good balance after contact but is smallish and plays sma

Mike McGlinchey Scouting Report

"McGlinchey's a poor athlete but understands technique and has the prototype OL mindset. But his slow feet, lack of pop, and inconsistent leverage could make him a liability as a pro." Zach Bollinger Icon Sportswire Strengths: Big, long guy with decent technique and the ideal mentality of an offensive lineman. At home doing the dirty work. Solid awareness and walls off effectively. Flashes ability to finish blocks when he's locked on. Experienced on the left and right side. Coordinated mover who can get at the 2nd level and find his target. Weaknesses: Lacks foot quickness and can be a liability as a pass protector. Struggles to recover if he makes a false step. Lower body strong but lacks a

Kolton Miller Scouting Report

"Miller was a first year starter that flashed some explosion off the snap, with length and suddenness. But he's a project that lacks strength, an anchor and technique." Strengths: Tall, long, sudden mover off the line and impacts with leverage. Fires off the line and initiates contact. Drives legs and moves guys. Quick feet. Carries some nasty and tries to throw guys around and make pancakes. Athletic former TE type that moves easily in the open field. Miller's not near a finsihed product but he's flashed the talent to be a starting LT. Weaknesses: Lounges too often and plays off balance. Inconsistent anchor and can struggle to regain leverage. Sketchy, sloppy technique. Much better linear m

Isaiah Wynn Scouting Report

"He's got the footwork, technique, and strength to play OT but not the height or length. He played inside senior week and dominated there." Strengths: Quick athletic mover with lateral quickness and balance. Can fire off the line and into the 2nd level under control. Forceful puncher and locks out with his long arms effectively. Big time run blocker who finds his targets and takes them out. Played through pain the entire season at a high level with an injury. Wynn has been a solid blind side protector with quick feet, balance and technique. A inch or so taller and he'd likely be the best OT in this class. In the clip above he helps out the OG before smoothy stepping out on the stand up DE. B

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