Calvin Ridley Scouting Report

"His separation quickness and cod is unmatched. But he's not strong and can get knocked off his routes and nullified at the los." Chattanooga ESPN Strengths: Elite quickness and change of direction. A big-time threat after the catch in space. Carries speed to stretch the field and threaten deep. Quality hands and ball skills. Brings a physical mentality despite a rail thin frame. Weaknesses: Doesn't explode off the line. Quicker than fast. Struggles to bring it down in traffic. Rail thin and can get bounced around. Doesn't beat the jam. Overall: Ridley’s quicker than fast but builds speed on a free release and can threaten over the top. His separation quickness and cod is unmatched. But he'

Derrius Guice Scouting Report

"Guice is an angry, explosive runner that fights for every single inch. He's the son of beast mode and bears much of the same skillset and background as Lynch." Strengths: Explosive but patient attacking RB. Lowers shoulder, always keeps his feet moving and refuses to go down. Good balance. Homerun speed. Good short area quickness with choppy feet. Strings moves together and is elusive all the way to the end zone. Good hands in the passing game. Good blocker. Charismatic with leadership qualities. Overcome more than his share of adversity. Weaknesses: Dealt with nagging injuries. Loses leverage when he strings together moves. Limited career receptions although he's shown soft hands. Tough bu

Antonio Callaway Scouting Report

"If Callaway didn't get himself suspended there's a good chance he'd be WR #1 in this class. Unfortunately he's likely off many boards as a significant character risk." Strengths: Quick footed, smooth runner with deceptive speed. Good open field runner with stop/start quickness, lateral mobility and vision. Good extension makes up for height and good ball skills allow him to play bigger than he is. Dangerous, experienced punt returner. Weaknesses: Inconsistent hands. He's small at just over 5’10. Just a litany of character issues including allegations of sexual assault, marijuana possession and theft. Overall: If Callaway didn't get himself suspended there's a good chance he'd be WR #1 in t

Baker Mayfield Scouting Report

"Carries a combative personality and play style that powers him to be great and attracts teammates and fans but won't be as entertaining if it's coaches/execs he’s getting into it with." Strengths: Fiery leader, smart, athletic and accurate. Good arm strength particularly down the field. Arm talent steadily improved in college. Especially precise deep ball passer and overall good ball placement. Anticipates well and can fit it into tight windows. Quick release. Looks off defenders and finds passing lanes. Good play action passer that sells fakes and sees the field. Comfortable hanging inside the pocket or improvising out of it. Efficient runner that keeps the chains moving and is a threat in

Akrum Wadley Scouting Report

"A skinny, angry runner with elite lateral quickness and game breaking ability that puts the ball on the ground too often." Brian Spurlock USA Today Sports Strengths: Game breaking burst and decent speed. Elite lateral quickness and breaks ankles in short spaces. Wiry strong and makes a lot more yards after contact than he should. Very good receiver out the backfield. Battles as a blocker. Strings moves together in the open field. High character on and off the field. Weaknesses: Especially small thin frame and gets swallowed up in a crowd. Runs hard but he's not pushing any piles. Not a blazer and more quick than fast. Puts the ball on the ground too often. Overall: Wadley's an angry, skinny

Auden Tate Scouting Report

"He's essentially a slower Kelvin Benjamin. He struggles to separate and lives or dies on contested catches." Strengths: Long limbed TE sized WR with acrobatic catching ability. Hands catcher with solid ball skills. Good feet for a large guy. Clutch, especially in the red zone with 16 career TDs. Weaknesses: Lacks speed and suddenness. Struggles to separate. Relatively quick feet but stiff hips and is high cut. Inconsistent hands. Not the blocker he looks like he should be. Poor production outside of the end zone. Overall: Tate's made many acrobatic highlight catches but hasn't really lived up to the hype. He's not sudden or fast although he's got decent feet. Superior ball skills but incon

Anthony Miller Scouting Report

"He's physical, exceptional quick, hyper competitive and has great ball skills." Strengths: Instant accelerator that changes direction in a blink and has the strong hands to catch in a crowd. Runs like a scat RB after the catch but with deceiving strength. Rapid fire feet. Explosive in and out of breaks. Intense competitor that hypes up teammates, coaches and fans. Physical blocker despite his smaller size. Weaknesses: Small frame and lacks a 2nd gear. Limited route tree experience. Older than the average prospect. Too many concentration lapse drops looking to run. Ball security needs to improve. Overall: Miller came into the combine a little bigger than I expected at just over 5’11 and 200

Tremaine Edmunds Scouting Report

"Edmunds is the youngest player in this draft and possesses a freak skill set but the catch is that his instincts are awful, and he lacks strength and lateral quickness." Strengths: Long, 6’5 frame and sideline to sideline fast. Pursues all over the field. See it, hit it guy with plenty of room to grow. Uses leverage effectively despite size. Versatility to play any LB position in a odd or even front. Youngest prospect in the draft. Weaknesses: Poor instincts and losses the ball, overruns plays and lacks awareness in coverage. Lacks strength, gets blocked and doesn't disengage quickly. High cut, lacks lateral quickness and gets shook in tight spaces. In the clip above Edmunds meets 5'9 185

Kalen Ballage Scouting Report

"I think Ballage could potentially make a bigger impact as a TE/FB or even WR, than as a runner out of the backfield." USA Today Sports Strengths: Good looking, size/speed athlete with quick feet. Impressive pass receiver and experienced running routes. Good blocker. Finishes runs in open space and can break tackles with a head of steam. Homerun hitter. Dangerous returner. One of the best RBs during senior week practices and game. Weaknesses: Lacks vision, ideal body lean and balance. One speed runner that goes down often on first contact. Never reached potential despite top tier physical gifts. Lost starting position senior year. Overall: Ballage squarely checks the enigma box. At the start

Jordan Whitehead Scouting Report

"I'm higher on him than most and think he could thrive in a professional setting with pro coaching. He's Instinctive with top notch click & close and relishes contact." Charles LeClaire USA Today Sports Strengths: Short, athletic, physical safety with the quickness and fluidity of a CB. Instinctive with top notch click & close. Great tackler and relishes contact. Reliable last line defender. Fluid hips and solid speed for a safety. Takes on blocks appropriately. Comfortable in man on the slot or TE. Dangerous with the ball in his hands and has returner potential. Whitehead has a CB's click & close and arrives with a thump. In the two clips above he reads, flies in and smacks the ball carrie

Josh Rosen Scouting Report

"The only reason he's not #1 across all team's boards is likely the question of his durability." Strengths: Clean footwork and pocket movement. Former tennis player and it shows. Deliberate, efficient mover inside the pocket. Quick release with a strong arm. Good velocity and his arm talent jumps out. Accurate to all levels. Good touch and throws a great fade in the red zone. Versed in a pro style scheme and regularly makes full field reads. Smart with a high football IQ and charismatic. Rosen shows remarkable poise in this clip recovering from a bad snap and and firing an out to the sideline. Impressive arm talent in the clip above as he fires a strike back across the middle after rolling o

Sam Darnold Scouting Report

"Darnold's been like a football Billy Hoyle, regularly conning defenders with his quickness, arm and boring personality." Strengths: Former basketball guy has quick feet, buys time and can finish with accuracy. Cool under duress and on the move. Physical mentality and not afraid of contact. Has a burst as a scrambler and runner that surprises defenders. Arm talent jumps out. Can drop it in anywhere on the field or fire it into a tight window. At ease throwing on the run. Throws with anticipation. Ball placement and timing is generally good. Solid arm strength and velocity. Cocks his delivery but his follow thru is fast. Flashes clutch ability. Mature, humble personality. The two clips above

Josh Allen Scouting Report

"The team that drafts Josh Allen high will be putting a lot of faith in their ability to get him to replicate the wow throws and greatly minimize the ugh throws." Strengths: Big, strong guy with an elite rocket arm and mobility. Can make every throw, including many most QBs can't, and stick it in the smallest of windows. Sudden mover and tough to bring down in and out of the pocket. Can throw on the run well particuliarly to his right. Experienced in a pro style system. Smart, engaging and has reportedly impressed on the white board in interviews. Rips an out from the far hash here. Beautiful step through and drops a dime on the run here. Weaknesses: Stares down targets and makes poor decis

Siran Neal Scouting Report

Strengths: Good sized CB with quickness and tackling ability that plays aggressive, physical coverage. Experienced at CB, S and LB. Comfortable at the los. Dictates with physical hands. Strong, tackler that brings animosity. Solid special teams gunner. In this clip Neal lines up at the star LB and knifes in on the RB. That's rare physicality for a CB if can stick there. Weaknesses: Good burst but not a blazer. Inconsistent motor and his effort’s up and down coming off blocks. Grabs a ton in coverage. Cover technique is sketchy. Neal held up at CB senior week and impressed but he also probably would've been the most flagged DB there. He wins vs Marcel Ateman in this clip but almost certainly

John Kelly Scouting Report

"Kelly's a violent, quick runner with special balance and an experienced receiver who's primary weakness is pure speed." Strengths: Quick lateral movement and great balance. Good vision and attacks defenses. Strong, compact build and breaks tackles. First man rarely brings him down. Quick feet and finds daylight. Elusive in the open field. Good receiver and gets open consistently as a route runner. Flashes an angry stiff arm. Kelly has arguably the best balance of any RB in this class. Weaknesses: Good burst but lacks speed. Inconsistent pass blocker. Character concerns erupted just after the season. Often an upright runner but compensates with a compact build and can drop his hips. Overall

Andrew Brown Scouting Report

"His versatility may have hindered his technique/development. Senior week practices he lined up exclusively as a 3 tech and no one could keep him out of the backfield." Strengths: Explosive, quick twitch, athletic big man. First step quickness routinely beats OL inside and out. Strong motor. Solid range and lateral mobility, tracks the ball all over the field and a solid tackler. Effective in space and experienced in a two pt stance, playing on the edge, interior and two gapping at the 5. Weaknesses: Big and athletic but appeared to rarely have a plan. Played high out of a two pt stance and occasionally lacked leverage. Relied on athletic gifts more than technique. Overall: Brown played prim

Skai Moore Scouting Report

"His size and just adequate athletic measureables are below average but if Moore adds good weight and maintains his quickness, he can be a productive starting pro LB." Strengths: Terrific awareness and diagnoses quickly. Gets off blocks and finds the ball. Has shock in his hands and the lateral ability to make it hard for an OL to line him up. Good range and loose hips. Great ball skills. Great tackler. Weaknesses: Undersized for LB and too slow for a DB. Suffered neck injuries that required surgery and sidelined him for a season. Overall: Moore's a DB playing LB, but has the physicality and strength to stack and shed. He fills lanes vs the run and is a reliable tackler. He gets good depth o

Da'Ron Payne Scouting Report

"Payne has great upside and is unnaturally big and athletic but he's not the run stuffer he looks like he should be. He's basically a penetrating 3 tech in a NT body." Strengths: Explosive off the snap and regularly the first man moving. Recorded the fastest 10yd split for interior DL at the combine. Crashes in and disrupts. Strong hands and batters an OL. Flashes leverage to annihilate lineman. Athletic for an interior lineman and chases with range. Solid motor. Weaknesses: Generally high off the snap and can get clobbered by the double team. Lateral mobility is just adequate. Occasionally lacks awareness/instincts and dives in without control opening up lanes in his wake. In this clip belo

Saquon Barkley Scouting Report

"If Barkley's going to avoid being just a heavier Reggie Bush he'll need to moderate with more violent runs where he uses that weight room strength to power thru contact." Strengths: Thick, bouncy, finesse runner with homerun speed. Tremendous lower body strength allows for gravity defying jump cuts, stop & starts, and changes of direction for a back of his size. Speed to outrun in the open field and around the corner. Soft hands and a dominant receiver out of the backfield. He should be as big a weapon as a receiver as he is a runner. Smart, capable blocker. Flashes strength to finish and break tackles. Brutal stiff arm. A terror on screens and draws. High character guy and a role model off

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