TD 2018 Mock Draft I.0

Click Here For The Most Recent Mock 1. Cleveland Browns - Sam Darnold |QB| USC Darnold’s probably the most well rounded QB in this class and he's the youngest. He's shown impressive ball placement, arm strength and clutch ability. He's a good scrambler and raises the level of play of the guys around him. But he's still more a project level guy that needs to clean up some things and manage the game better. The Browns would be wise to acquire a vet bridge QB with Hue Jackson still the HC. Back to back ruined rookie QBs would agree. NFL Comp. weaker armed Matt Stafford 2. New York Giants - Josh Rosen |QB| UCLA Rosen’s the most gifted passer in this class but durability concerns and intangibles

Baker #1?

Baker Mayfield's projection is going to be a heated discussion this draft. Do scouts see him closer to another Russell Wilson...or even a Drew Brees? Or is he the next Jeff Blake...or another Colt McCoy? How he closes out his college career in the playoff will definetly be a significant peice but he's already put everything on film. Attending the Senior Bowl as possibly the #1 overall pick hasn't happened since the back to back years of 2003 Carson Palmer and 2002 David Carr. The Browns coaching staff will surely be extended an invite to coach which will make things interesting. Though it's safe to say newly appointed John Dorsey will be the definitive voice in the draft room, not Hue Jackso

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