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Falcons 2023

1. (8) Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas

2. (38) Matt Bergeron, OT, Syracuse

3. (75) Zach Harrison, DE, Ohio St

4. (113) Clark Phillips, CB, Utah

7. (224) DeMarcco Hellams, S, Alabama

7. (225) Jovaughn Gwyn, OG, South Carolina


Keilahn Harris, WR, Oklahoma Baptist

Chase Brice, QB, Appalachian State

Justin Marshall, WR, Buffalo

Carlos Washington, RB, Southeastern Louisiana

Matthew Trickett, K, Minnesota

Ikenna Enechukwu, EDGE, Rice

Jacob Gall, OL, Baylor

I think GM Terry Fontenot is trying to set the table for the team moving forward while recognizing they don't have a centerpiece QB yet. RB Robinson is an ideal scheme fit and should become a superstar but won't dramatically effect team L's or W's.

OG Bergeron is another ideal scheme fit although he needs seasoning imo to gather his strength and technique. DE Harrison is a great understudy for vet Campbell. CB Phillips could slide in effectively at nickel depending on how much zone is utilized.

S Hellams and OG are practice squad candidates.


Bucs 2023
Panthers 2023

1. (19) Calijah Kancy, DT, Pittsburgh

2. (48) Cody Mauch, OG, North Dakota St

3. (82) Yaya Diaby, DE, Louisville

5. (153) Sirvoccea Dennis, LB, Pittsburgh

5. (171) Payne Durham, TE, Purdue

6. (181) Josh Hayes, S, Kansas St

6. (191) Trey Palmer, WR, Nebraska

6. (196) Jose Ramirez, DE, Eastern Michigan


Kade Warner, WR, Kansas State

Sean Tucker, RB, Syracuse 

Rakim Jarrett, WR, Maryland

Keenan Isaac, DB, Alabama State

Chris Murray, OL, Oklahoma

Christian Izien, S, Rutgers

Kaevon Merriweather, S, Iowa

Ronnie Brown, RB, Shepherd

Tanner Taula, TE, Illinois State

Ryan Miller, WR, Furman

Silas Dzansi, OL, Virginia Tech

Jeremy Banks, LB, Tennessee

Jake Bates, K, Arkansas

I have my doubts that DT Kancey will be able to prevent getting overwhelmed at the poa. But the Bucs defense is well coached and they have a plan for him.

OG Mauch and OC Jensen are set to be like the Coen's Gale & Evelle on the front line. I had both Edge guys Diaby and Ramirez around my top 100 in this class. They're both underrated talents that could develop into starters.

LB Dennis is a potential steal. He was one dimensional at Pitt but gets to understudy behind David and White. TE Durham is limited but will be a beast in the red zone in 50/50 situations.

WR Palmer is a blazer that guys couldn't stay with in pre draft drills. His ball skills are sketchy but he's a good stab late in the draft. S Hayes is an athletic one year wonder and a good diamond in the rough candidate.

If UDFA RB Tucker avoids red flag durability concerns, he's arguably the biggest bargain in this draft....

Saints 2023

1. (1) Bryce Young, QB, Alabama

2. (39) Jonathan Mingo, WR, Ole Miss

3. (80) DJ Johnson, DE, Oregon

4. (114) Chandler Zavala, OG, NC State

5. (145) Jammie Robinson, S, Florida St


Colby Richardson, LB, LSU

Rezjohn Wright, CB, Oregon State

Camerun Peoples, RB, Appalachian State

Austin Ajiake, LB, UNLV

Mark Milton, CB, Baylor

Eku Leota, EDGE, Auburn

Bumper Pool, LB, Arkansas

Josh Vann, WR, South Carolina

Jalen Redmond, DT, Oklahoma

Nash Jensen, OL, North Dakota State

Nico Bolden, S, Kent State

Travez Moore, DE, Arizona State

Ricky Lee III, OT, North Carolina A&T

QB Young as a prospect is a challenging projection solely because of his size. His arm talent, poise and production are way above's just on a not ready for primetime frame.

WR Mingo almost represents the exact opposite. He's a size/speed traits guy that struggled with production. I think he'd be best utilized as an H back or move TE because he's a notable blocker but isn't a consistent enough hands receiver to trust long term.

DE Johnson was a solid mid/later round type edge prospect until he tested like an elite athlete pre draft. He's physical at the point and presents a high ceiling if he can translate that testing onto the field.

OG Zavala's a solid developmental interior OL prospect. He's huge and moves well but needs to greatly ratchet up his play strength. S Robinson is a heady, size limited safety but he brings more sand than his size suggests in the box.

The Panthers picked up two of my most liked later round guys in WR Vann and RB Peoples. Both play with intensity and quickness for their respective positions. I'll wager both show up at some point eventfully.


1. (29) Brian Bresee, DT, Clemson

2. (40) Isaiah Foskey, DE, Notre Dame

3. (71) Kendre Miller, RB, TCU

4. (103) Nick Saldiveri, OG, Old Domonion

4. (127) Jack Haener, QB, Fresno St

5. (146) Jordan Howden, S, Minnesota

6. (195) AT Perry, WR, Wake Forest


SaRodorick Thompson, RB, Texas Tech

Nick Anderson, LB, Tulane

Shaquan Davis, WR, South Carolina State 

Sy Barnett, WR, Davenport

Joel Wilson, TE, Central Michigan

Anfernee Orji, LB, Vanderbilt

Mark Evans II, OT, Arkansas Pine-Bluff

Alex Pihlstrom, C, Illinois

Lou Henry, P, Miami

Anthony Johnson, DB, Virginia

Blake Grupe, K, Notre Dame

I thought DT Bresee was one of, if not the most, overrated prospect in this class. He's a uniquely athletic linear guy for his size, but he's a one dimensional straigh ahead rusher that's bereft of lateral agility. And when he plays high, which is often, he's washed way off the los.

DE Foskey's a long, athletic guy that has potential to be productive. He's obstructed by technique and power but he'll no doubt improve as a pro.

RB Miller has requisite height, weight, speed ability. His balance, and vision is mediocre but he's a solid mid round pick up that has a chance to be better than his slotting with coaching.

OG Saldiveri is an unspectacular but solid mid round get and he could be a starter in a year, QB Haener's a good back up prospect that could surprise if his mechanics/growth improve his velocity.

S Howden and WR Perry are framed up athletes that could stick if coaching iron out flaws. I think the Saints UDFA signings are particularly good. RB Thompson, ED Oriji, OG Evans and CB Johnson are all guys that I liked a little more than most.


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