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2022 Falcons

1. (8) Drake London, WR, Alabama

2. (38) Arnold Ebiketie, DE, Penn State

2. (58) Troy Anderson, LB, Montana St

3. (78) Desmond Ridder, QB, Cincinnati

3. (82) DeAngelo Malone, LB, Western Kentucky

5. (151) Tyler Allgeier, RB, BYU

6. (190) Justin Shaffer, OG, Georgia

6. (213) John Fitzpatrick, TE, Georgia


Ferris State QB Jared Bernhardt

Arizona WR Stanley Berryhill III

Iowa CB Matt Hankins

Michigan S Brad Hawkins

Central Connecticut WR Tyshaun James

Colorado LB Nate Landman

USC LB Kana'i Mauga

UC Davis DT Bryce Rodgers

Penn State DT Derrick Tangelo

London makes an interesting two towers of playmakers with TE Pitts. It fills a massive hole and he doesn't necessarily have to be the #1 receiving option; which perfectly suits him imo. Edge guys Ebiketie and Malone similarly fill massive holes and should improve the pass rush to a degree.

LB Anderson's skillset ideally fits the scheme although you could argue it was a bit of a luxury pick. That said, given the board, it's appears like a solid pick up, especially if nickel safety snaps are in his future. RB Allgiere is a solid mid round banger that is a likely upgrade over Mike Davis.

QB Ridder is a shot in the dark and ostensibly could be the long term QB but in all likelihood, the Falcons will be picking at the top of the draft next season and find a more highly rated long term answer. But anything is possible and Ridder has the tools to outplay his draft position.

Georgia guys OG Shaffer and Fitzpatrick are really good late finds that I'll wager will stick and contribute in the future. Of the UDFA's I was higher on LB's Landman and Mauga. Both are athletically challenged but football smart that flash playmaking ability.

2022 Bucs

2. (33) Logan Hall, DT, Houston

2. (57) Luke Goedeke, OG, Texas A&M

3. (91) Rachaad White, RB, Arizona St

4. (106) Cade Otton, TE, Washington

4. (133) Jake Camarda, P, Georgia

5. (157) Zyon McCollum, CB, Sam Houston St

6. (218) Ko Kieft, TE, Minnesota

7. (248) Andre Anthony, LB, LSU


Old Dominion LB Jordan Young

Ball State OL Curtis Blackwell

Arkansas State LB Joe “JoJo” Ozougwu

River Falls TE Ben Beise

Texas Tech WR Kaylon Geiger

Utah State WR Deven Thompkins

Rutgers LB Olakunie Fatukasi

UNC CB Kyler McMichael

Clemson S Nolan Turner

Montana OT Dylan Cook

Western Kentucky WR Jereth Sterns

Memphis LB JJ Russell

South Dakota State CB Don Gardner

Predictable, solid, if not unspectacular draft from the Bucs. DT Hall and OG Goedeke fill need spots and should eventually work in as starters. Neither has particularly high ceilings but project as decent players.


I liked RB White more than most and think he's a solid change of pace for Fournette and the eventual 3 down starter. TE Otton is another plug and play guy that is well rounded and should start at some point. P Camarda fills a need and will start. CB McCollum is a good mid round talent that I'll wager will contribute early.

TE Kieft and LB Anthony are practice squad guys. UDFA WR Thompkins is a blur and could be a steal if he develops some chemistry with Brady.

2022 Panthers

1. (6) Ikem Ekwonu, OT, NC State

3. (94) Matt Corral, QB, Ole Miss

4. (120) Brandon Smith, LB, Penn State

6. (189) Amare Barno, LB, Florida

6. (199) Cade Mays, OG, Tennessee

7. (242) Kalon Barnes, CB, Baylor


TE Josh Babicz, North Dakota State

QB Davis Cheek, Elon

LB Isaiah Graham-Mobley, Boston College

S Drew Hartlaub, Penn State

WR Ra'Shaun Henry, Virginia

WR Talolo Limu-Jones, Eastern Washington

RB John Lovett, Penn State

DT Marquan McCall, Kentucky

LB Arron Mosby, Fresno State

WR Andrew Parchment, Florida State

WR Charleston Rambo, Miami

LB Khalan Tolson, Illinois

WR Derek Wright, Utah State

Panthers worked through about as no win a scenario as possible, about as well as anyone could have. With the Sam Darnold situation literally blowing up in their face but entering into this draft without a worthy QB prospect to take inside the top 5, they went ahead and hit their glaring hole at LT. Ekwonu is an explosive offensive lineman but needs technique refinement to become a stud pass protector.

QB Corral at one point was the guy I figured the Panthers wanted at #6. He's a boom/bust prospect but worth a look in the 3rd, where they traded up to get him. From a tools perspective, he's one of the most talented prospects in this class.

LB's Smith, Barno and CB Barnes are all top tier athletes but not good football players. Coaching could unlock their potential but there's substantial risk with all three. OG Mays had a terrible senior week but flashes on film.

UDFA DT McCall was one of my sleepers. He's massive and lacks body control but is especially quick off the snap.

2022 Saints

1. (11) Chris Olave, WR, Ohio State

1. (19) Trevor Penning, OT, Northern Iowa

2. (49) Alontae Taylor, CB, Tennessee

5. (161) D'Marco Jackson, LB, Appalachian St

6. (194) Jordan Jackson, DT, Air Force


DB DaMarcus Fields

DB Vincent Gray, Michigan

DB Jack Koerner, Iowa

S Smoke Monday, Auburn

LB Joel Dublanko, Cincinnati

LB Isaiah Pryor, Notre Dame

LB Nephi Sewell, Utah

OL Sage Doxtater, New Mexico State

OL Lewis Kidd, Montana State

OL Derek Schweiger, Iowa State

OL Eric Wilson, Penn State

K John Parker Romo, Virginia Tech

P Daniel Whelan, UC-Davis

RB Abram Smith, Baylor

TE Lucas Krull, Pittsburgh

WR Rashid Shaheed, Weber State

WR Dai'Jean Dixon, Nicholls State

Would it be a stretch to say the Saints coveted WR Chris Olave more than any other team? Tough to say but they burned a ton of draft capital to ensure he became a Saint. I'm not certain Olave is even a #1 WR candidate. Is it possible a factor in their evaluation was the team's shaky relationship with alum Micheal Thomas....whether regarding it as a potential loss or a potential salvage?


In short, while WR was an obvious position need, I view Olave as more of a situational guy then a potential #1 WR and the Saints traded multiple picks for him including next year's 1st.

OT Penning has the skill set to be a franchise LT but isn't there yet, technically or mentally imo. CB Taylor I considered more of a safety and more of a mid round prospect. He's highly athletic and physical but lacks a lot of precision.

LB Jackson's a solid mid round get and should become a quality depth guy. I can't speak on Air Force's Jackson. Among the UDFA's I liked Pitt's Krull and feel like he ought to stick.


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