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2022 Vikings

1. (32) Lewis Cine, S, Georgia

2. (42) Andrew Booth, CB, Clemson

2. (59) Ed Ingram, OG, LSU

3. (66) Brian Asamoah, LB, Oklahoma

4. (118) Akayleb Evans, CB, Missouri

5. (165) Esezi Otomewo, DE, Minnesota

5. (165) Ty Chandler, RB, UNC

6. (184) Vederian Lowe, OT, Illinois

6. (191) Jalen Nailor, WR, Michigan St

7. (227) Nick Muse, TE, South Carolina


Mike Brown, safety – Miami (OH)

Thomas Hennigan, wide receiver – Appalachian State

Bryant Koback, running back – Toledo

Zach McCloud, linebacker – Miami

Josh Sokol, center – Sacred Heart

Tyarise Stevenson, defensive tackle – Tulsa

Tré Turner., wide receiver – Virginia Tech

Luiji Vilain, linebacker – Wake Forest

Ryan Wright, punter – Tulane

GM Adofo-Mensah's first draft pick being a safety is not what I saw coming. Cine is a heady, top tier athletic talent that could eventually be the best S in this class, but he isn't near a finished product, while last years day 3 find, Cam Bynum, played pretty well at single high and nickel. This selection might say a good bit about Harrison Smith's near future.

CB Booth was considered a 1st round talent by many but a med red flag knocked his stock back a bit. He's a strong scheme fit and could outshine his draft slot.

OG Ingram was an underrated prospect and looks to be a plug and play guy. I'm a big fan of CB Evans and considered him a great value fr whichever team takes him past the 3rd round.

LB Asomaoah is a solid value in the 3rd and helps as a nickel LB or safety but it's hard to ignore the Vikings passing on edge prospects by this point. Asomoah has blitz ability but he's not a real edge. DE Otomewo is a developmental 5 tech and a solid mid round stab.

Skill guys RB Chandler, WR Nailor and TE Muse are great value talents with specific skillsets that should help situationally at the least. OL Lowe is a heavy power guy that could stick as an interior lineman.

2022 Packers

1. (22) Quay Walker, LB, Georgia

1. (28) Devonte Wyatt, DT, Georgia

2. (34) Christian Watson, WR, North Dakota St

3. (92) Sean Rhyan, OT, UCLA

4. (132) Romeo Doubs, WR, Nevada

4. (140) Zach Tom, OG, Wake Forest

5. (179) Kingsley Engabare, LB, South Carolina

7. (228) Tariq Carpenter, S, Georgia Tech

7. (234) Jonathan Ford, DT, Miami

7. (249) Rasheed Walker, OT, Penn State

7. (258) Samori Toure, WR, Nebraska


Cole Schneider, OL, UCF

Caleb Jones, OL, Indiana

Chauncey Manac, EDGE, Louisiana

Tyler Goodson, RB, Iowa

Akial Byers, DL, Missouri

George Moore, OL, Oregon

Caliph Brice, LB, FAU

Raleigh Texada, CB, Baylor

Hauati Pututau, DL, Utah

B.J. Baylor, RB, Oregon State

Keke Chism, WR, Missouri (Rookie tryout)

Ellis Brooks, LB, Penn State

Tre Sterling, SAF, Oklahoma State

Danny Davis, WR, Wisconsin

Jahmir Johnson, OL, Texas A&M

LB Quay Walker was arguably the biggest reach of the 1st round. He represents a need for the Packers and his skill set fits the scheme but he was an ordinary guy on a talent laden Georgia squad.

Teammate DT Wyatt was arguably the most productive defensive player on that Georgia team but off field character concerns threatened his stock and nearly took him out of the 1st round.

WR Watson is a good scheme fit and has a unique skill set for a tall WR. The test is how quickly chemistry can be established with Rodgers. OG's Rhyan and Tom are rock solid mid rounders that ought to outplay their draft slotting.

WR Doubs is a ball skill talent with deceptive speed but could struggle to get clean releases. He's also an experienced returner that could earn a role in special teams. Edge Engabare is a flash talent and solid mid round get.

DT Ford has flashed at Miami but could sustain any real impact. OT Walker is a similar story. Talent flashes but he's a developmental guy. WR Toure is a good scheme fit and a nice late round pick up. S Carpenter is a special teams guy. UDFA OT Caleb Jones flashed to me a lot and showed well at post season practices

2022 Lions

1. (2) Aidan Hutchinson, DE, Michigan

1. (12) Jameson Williams, WR, Alabama

2. (46) John Paschal, DE, Kentucky

3. (97) Kerby Joseph, S, Illinois

5. (177) James Mitchell, TE, Virginia Tech

6. (188) Malcolm Rodriguez, LB, Oklahoma St

6. (217) James Houston, LB, Jackson St

7. (237) Chase Lucas, CB, Arizona St


WR Kalil Pimpleton, Central Michigan

LT Obinna Eze, TCU

DT Demetrius Taylor, Appalachian State 

RB Greg Bell, San Diego State

WR Corey Sutton, Appalachian State

TE Nolan Given, Southeastern Louisiana

WR Josh Johnson, Tulsa 

TE Derrick Deese Jr., San Jose State 

CB Cedric Boswell, Miami Ohio 

CB Jermaine Waller, Virginia Tech 

OL Zein Obeid, Ferris State 

OL Kevin Jarvis, Michigan State

DE Hutchinson is a prototype edge guy and an obvious pick at #2. 2nd round DE Paschal is a different type. He's a stocky 5 technique that excels at holding the edge but is more of a clean up finisher than disruptive pass rusher.

WR Williams was the best deep threat receiver in this class but won't be available until 2023. TE Mitchell was a sneaky good later round pick. Mitchell missed the majority of his final year and his stock plummeted but he's a solid pass catching TE without major blocking liabilities

S Joeseph is a ball hawk and a solid value pick in the 3rd. LB's Rodriguez and Houston are interior and edge guys respectively that are decent mid round talents. CB Lucas is strictly a special teams practice squad guy.

Big fan of UDFA DT Taylor. Woefully undersized but flashed a lot of playmaking ability at Appalachian St TE/FB Deese is another underrated talent that I thought could have been drafted.

2022 Bears

2. (39) Kyler Gordon, CB, Washington

2. (48) Jaquan Brisker, S, Penn St

3. (71) Velus Jones, WR, Tennessee

5. (168) Braxton Jones, OT, Southern Utah St

5. (174) Dominque Robinson, LB, Miami (OH)

6. (186) Zach Thomas, OG, San Diego St

6. (203) Trestan Ebner, RB, Baylor

6. (207) Doug Kramer, OC, Illinois

7. (226) Ja'Tyre Carter, OG, Southern

7. (254) Elijah Hicks, S, California

7. (255) Trenton Gill, P, NC State


Henry Litwin, WR, Slippery Rock

Master Teague, RB, Ohio State

Chase Allen, TE, Iowa State

Jake Tonges, TE, Cal

Micah Dew-Treadway, DL, Minnesota

Jack Sanborn, ILB, Wisconsin

C.J. Avery, LB, Louisville

Jaylen Alexander, LB, Purdue

Christian Albright, OLB, Ball State

Jaylon Jones, CB, Mississippi

Derick Bush, CB, Coastal Carolina

Allie Green, CB, Missouri

Demario McCall, CB, Ohio State

Amari Carter, S, University of Miami

Jonathan Alexander, S, Charlotte

Jean Delance, OL, Florida

Tristen Taylor, OT, Eastern Washington

Landon Lenoir, WR, Southern Illinois

Savon Scarver, WR, Utah State

Kevin Shaa, WR, Liberty

Cyrus Holder, WR, Duquesne

Luke Little, WR, University of Mary



Not many analysts would've considered the Bears secondary a bigger need than their skill position group.....but the Bears clearly did. CB Gordan and S Brisker are flash talents that I wouldn't consider blue chip prospects but have future starter ability. And while each fill a need it appears like GM Poles kicked the can down the road on acquiring skill talent.

WR Velus Jones is a better returner than WR. Ironically the exact same can be said of the Bears only other skill position pick in RB Ebner.

Better moves were made in finding mid and late round OL talent imo. OT Jones and OC Kramer are underrated guys that I'll wager out play their draft spot. OG's Thomas and Carter are more developmental but also solid later round pick ups.

Edge Robinson and S Hicks are long shots and more practice squad types. UDFA's that stood out for me are TE's Allen and Tonges...and LB Sanborn. I's wager these three find a roster spot.

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