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2022 Steelers

1. (20) Kenny Pickett, QB, Pitt

2. (52) George Pickens, WR, Georgia

3. (84) DeMarvin Leal, DE, Texas A&M

4. (138) Calvin Austin, WR, Memphis

6. (208) Connor Heyward, TE, Michigan St

7. (225) Mark Robinson, LB, Ole Miss

7. (241) Chris Oladokun, QB, South Dakota St


Offensive tackle Jake Dixon - Duquesne

Running back Mataeo Durant - Duke

Defensive lineman Donovan Jeter - Michigan

Outside linebacker Tyree Johnson - Texas A&M

Outside linebacker T.D. Moultry - Auburn

Guard Chris Owens - Alabama

Cornerback Chris Steele - Southern California

Offensive tackle Jordan Tucker - North Carolina

Running back Jaylen Warren - Oklahoma State

Cornerback Bryce Watts - UMass



"What's the plan?"  "plan?.......there ain't no plan." - Mad Max. In all fairness though, I'm higher on Pickett than most. He's a mobile game manager that can play. The question is whether he's just a Teddy Bridgewater type.

WR's Pickens and Austin are interesting pick ups. While Claypool and Johnson are talents, they're reliability isn't ideal and the depth was severely lacking, even with the addition of Miller. Pickens is a clutch big guy while Austin is a true feild stretcher and yac threat.

DE Leal will get an opportunity to learn from some of the best front 7 guys in the league and should be ready to contribute down the road. TE/HB Heyward is more than just a fan service pick. He's a versatile thumper with good hands.

LB Robinson and CB Oladokun are practice squad stabs. UDFA RB Warren is an underrated talent.

2022 Ravens

1. (14) Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame

1. (25) Tyler Linderbaum, OC, Iowa

2. (45) David Ojabo, DE, Michigan

3. (76) Travis Jones, DT, UConn

4. (110) Dan Faalele, OT, Minnesota

4. (119) Jalyn Armour-Davis, CB, Alabama

4. (128) Charlie Kolar, TE, Iowa St

4. (130) Jordan Stout, P, Penn State

4. (139) Isaiah Likely, TE, Coastal Carolina

4. (141) Damarion Williams, CB, Houston

6. (196) Tyler Badie, RB, Missouri


Oregon QB Anthony Brown

UTSA LB Charles Wiley

Michigan LB Josh Ross

South Dakota State OT Aaron Johnson

Auburn LB Zakoby McClain

NC State RB Ricky Person Jr.

Florida LB Jeremiah Moon

Oregon WR Devon Williams

California WR Trevon Clark

Auburn OL Brodarius Hamm

Villanova DB Denzel Williams

QB Tre Ford

The Ravens followed up an injury plagued 21' with a literal army of draft picks. They kicked it off with an addition to the secondary which tbh, was a bit of a luxury selection. Hamilton is a long, agile DB but he's not an enforcer and doesn't have a sure starting spot in 22.

OC Linderbaum is a blue chip lineman that should succeed despite not being the ideal Raven pile pusher. Edge Ojabo was an overrated guy imo even before the pro day injury. But 3rd rounder DT Jones was expected to go much higher and looks like an absolute steal on paper. As of this writing I still haven't read why his stock plummeted.

OT Faalele is a monster sized guy but also a monster sized project. CB Armour Davis is another guy with volatile pro projections but worth a look as a day 3 guy. TE's Kolar and Likely are receiving talents and rock solid day 3 pick ups.

CB Williams is a practice squad guy. As is RB Badie, but don't be surprised if Badie outperforms his draft slot. He's small but has an impressive burst through the hole. P Stout out to be a long term starter.

UDFA LB McClain was one of my favorite defenders in this class and a good bet to earn a spot.

2022 Browns

3. (68) Martin Emerson, CB, Mississippi St

3. (78) Alex Wright, DE, UAB

3. (99) David Bell, WR, Purdue

4. (108) Perrion Winfrew, DT, Oklahoma

4. (124) Cade York, PK, LSU

5. (156) Jerome Ford, RB, Cincinnati

6. (202) Mike Woods, WR, Oklahoma

7. (223) Isaiah Thomas, DE, Oklahoma

7. (246) Dawson Deaton, OC, Texas Tech


Brock Hoffmann, OL, Virginia Tech
Travell Harris, WR, Washington State
Isaiah Weston, WR, Northern Iowa
Silas Kelly, LB, Coastal Carolina
Zaire Mitchell, TE, Florida Atlantic
Michael Harley, Jr., WR, Miami
Anthony Bell, S, West Florida
Glen Logan, DT, LSU
Ben Petrula, OT, Boston College
Felix Harper, QB, Alvorn State
Julius Faulk, CB, Delta State
Malik Smith, TE, Fisk

Browns had a whirlwind of an off season and made franchise altering moves. One of which was a self correction in what amounted to a disappointing secondary, sending nickel CB Hill back to the Rams. That put the position in the cross airs for the draft and after trading down, they tabbed CB Emerson in the 3rd.

Emerson is a decent prospect but doesn't offer anything particularly special. He's a decent tackling, corner/safety that will fill a role from the jump. DE Wright is essentially a size/speed prospect that played LB at UAB. 3rd round is rich imo for a developmental backup edge.

WR Bell is a good prospect with big time production that saw his stock fall due to poor testing. PK York is a potential final fit for a position the team hasn't been able to fill since Phil Dawson.

DT Winfrew and RB Ford were two of the more overrated guys in this class imo. Winfrew has explosive get off but is a linear, underpowered interior guy. Ford is a similar strong athlete on a test track but struggled to master the nuance of running the ball.

WR Woods is an off the radar guy that could outperform his draft slot. He's a good sized receiver with blocking and yac ability. DE Thomas is also a solid late round stab as a guy that could grow into a better pro than college player. OC Deaton is a solid enough late rounder as well.

Among the UDFA's, WR Weston was a guy that flashed to me on film.

2022 Bengals

1. (31) Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

2. (60) Cam Taylor-Britt, CB, Nebraska

3. (95) Zach Carter, DE, Florida

4. (136) Cordell Volson, OT, North Dakota St

5. (166) Tycen Anderson, S, Toledo

7. (252) Jeff Gunter, DE, Coastal Carolina


Florida State TE Jordan Wilson

Miami (OH) WR Jack Sorenson

Colorado Buffaloes LB Carson Wells

Florida Atlantic Owls OG Desmond Noel

UTSA Roadrunners LB Clarence Hicks

Coastal Carolina RB Shermari Jones

Ole Miss Rebels OL Ben Brown

Pittsburgh Panthers LS Cal Adomitis

Coastal Carolina WR Jaivon Heiligh

Kentucky Wildcats TE Justin Rigg

Kansas Jayhawks WR Kwamie Lassiter II

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets OT Devin Cochran

Ole Miss Rebels DL Tariqious Tisdale

Washington Huskies DB Brendan Radley-Hiles

Wisconsin Badgers WR Kendric Pryor

Florida Gators OG Stewart Reese

Peru State CB Delonte Hood

After addressing the offensive line in free agency the Bengals looked to shore up the backend of the defense and selected DB's Hill and Taylor-Britt. Hill is the most versatile DB in this class. He can line up literally everywhere in the secondary and succeed. Taylor-Britt in the 2nd round is a bit rich but he's got a pro skill set and should contribute straight away.

DE's Carter and Gunter are limited but strong poa defensive lineman and there's not much difference between them as prospects. Unfortunately I think Carter is closer to 7th rounder Gunter than the other way around.

DB Anderson is primarily a special team guy. OL Volson is a decent day 3 pick up and adds decent depth.

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